Friday, December 4, 2009

Writers! Attention! Tournament Like No Other! Check Out New Site!

Introducing a revolutionary new approach to the book...

What are books?

We feel passionately drawn to them. We fall in love with them. But a book is usually nothing more than text on paper. Sometimes there are pictures, perhaps even a few maps. The constraints of book technology rule out anything more.
Until now.

At Book Drum, we believe even the most wonderful books can be enhanced through selective use of the images, sounds, video and information available on the Web.

Book Drum’s mission is to bring great books to life by going beyond the page. As a first step, we’re building Profiles for more than 500 classic titles.

We need writers and editors, and we're running a Tournament to find them. First prize is £1,000, and we're offering job interviews to everyone who impresses.

For more information about Book Drum and the Tournament, contact Hector Macdonald at

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