Thursday, December 24, 2009

Far-Away Friends Share Responsive Poetry for Holidays!

The evening chill is trying to make some sense
as to how to end the day.

Snow falling around the green pines

with a light coating of confection sugar settling

on the back of the horses.

They stand close to one another

those two and prefer the bug free winter

over the hot sun with its fly biting days of summer.

Then there is the Elk Hound and Border collie

Who love the white snow as much as the deep green grass.

Smoke from brick fireplaces can barely find enough up drafts

to carry off the Sunday afternoon wishes for a romantic dream

or a NFL football invitation to the Super Bowl.

The sudden mid December 21, 2009 snow storm has locked us all in

up and down the East Coast.

Incidental as all this seems, poets somewhere will be disposed

to write about it and wonder about your love?

Merry Christmas Glenda



Tried to get out through the snow today

but got stuck half-way to the clear, main road, 

Guess I'm spend the holiday alone, here

in the log cabin I love so, except when I can't leave...

Then, only then, do I realize just how being alone can be

more than you want to have, on a continuous basis

Though who knows if I'd have some place to go anyway

Only thoughts and dreams of those with whom I'd wish

to spend the day--they are far away, and didn't ask

My inside cats help of course, but they don't return an embrace

or come close to kiss my lips and enfold me with love

For that's how I would want to share my feelings,

especially to those that I know cares...

I always hope that would include you

but my dear, only a man would compare

a romantic dream with football...(smilingly)

Merry Christmas to you as well, my friend Thomas

Love, Glenda

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