Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Poetic Love Selections by Guy Graybill from his Book, Whimsy and Wry... Enjoy


There's a rule we should all glean from life,
Thoughful men, who are strong, avoid strife.
Weaker folks they respect.
They don't harm; they protect.
And they NEVER hurt children or wife!

Relative Time

"How it flies!" said the conquering Romans,
Offering comment on Time's rapid pace;
And they've no made a clock run by atoms,
Just to measure Time's passage through space.

Now, if life can flash by in an instant,
And the earth, in a twinkling, will burn;
Oh, then, why does an hour seem eternal,
While I'm waiting for you to return?


The Rain

If I can know the roof won't leak
And drenching waters won't remain,
I love to see the rain.

If I can know the earth will drink
And plants will sprout where seeds have lain,
To help all life to interlink,
I love to smell the rain.

If I can find a sheltered seat, 
As raindrops sound their blurred refrain,
My restful mood becomes complete,
I love to hear the rain.

If I can flout propriety
And eye convention with disdain;
And hear you say, "Come, walk with me,"
I love to feel the rain!


Vintage Hotel

Drab walls, with yellowing white paint.
One wall papered...and peeling,
Cracked plaster and transom air.
The bathroom's better...

A rubber stopper in the sink.
The tub, old before Truman.
Bare bulb lighting a bare room.
Back to the bedroom...

Here, we'll observe our honeymoon.
Her robe, draped over a chair.
She wears only a peignoir;
Crimson and gauzy...

What a charming place!


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