Sunday, August 28, 2016

Spotlighted Author DJ Williams Adds Soundtrack to Novel, Waking Lazarus! Wow! Review Coming!

Waking Lazarus Trailer from Derek Williams on Vimeo.

I agree along with the author that this is the first time that a soundtrack has been set to music... It should be noted that the track does not come within the book itself, but is readily available across the Internet...I will be including parts within my review coming next...

As all of you know, music has been a part of my reviews for several years now...So I was excited and intrigued to participate and use the soundtrack as background to Waking Lazarus!
However, since the soundtrack is not an integral part of the book itself, I will be including segments of the track but will not, of course, consider this as part of my review of the book itself...BTW, I'm reading it right now and am finding it hard to break away from it to do anything else!
It's page-to-page tension and forced page turning for me!
Can't wait to share it with you!

On the other hand, the Soundtrack, alone,
is simply magnificent!
Thanks to Jene' Nicole Johnson!

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