Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Dog's Tale of Woe...What Fun! For Children and Adults Anne Toole...

I would not have minded "living" with a cat... 
 I would not have minded looking like and being called "Toy"
 I would not have minded looking like and being called "Einstein"
 I wouldn't even have minded being called "Wookie"
Or even "Tiger"
But, why or why, is my name "Cat"?!!!

Mom, dad, baby, and a little boy named Tad went to an
animal shelter one day,
And to little Tad, dad did say,
"Look at all those dogs running about,
Now you need to pick one out."

After looking all around
At all the dogs playing on the ground,
Tad said, "I like this one the best,"
As he held a little dog next to his chest.

"We have to give him a name," said dad,
As he looked at little Tad.

That's when the baby pointed to the dog and said, "cat."
Mom and dad laughed and thought it would be cute if they
named the little dog that,
And that's what they did. They named the dog Cat.

A Dog Named Cat

By Anne Toole
Illustrated by Richa Kinra

Names are important aren't they? Most of us are quite pleased to claim the name we are given until they fit quite nicely. That's what happened when a cute little dog was adopted by a wonderful family. But when they began to think of a name, the little baby of the family pointed to him and said CAT!

Well, Cat didn't know anything was strange about a dog being named Cat, until he met a little mouse running around the house. Cat didn't frighten the mouse so he asked what his name was...

"My name is Cat," the dog did say,
As he looked at the mouse that was small and gray/
The mouse looked surprised,
When he looked into the dog's eyes.
"But you are not a cat," the mouse said,
As he shook its little head...

Answered the dog, "My name is Cat."
The bird said, "I can't believe that.
No, you are not a cat!
I know that for a fact.
You don't look, act, or sound like
a cat,
Thank goodness for that!"
Well, you might say that the mouse "let the cat out of the bag" because he told Cat that he wasn't a cat because if he was, he'd be chasing the mouse all around the house.

Dog thought about it and the question quickly came: If he wasn't a cat, why was he named Cat?

Later that day, Cat saw that a new goldfish had joined the family. Again the goldfish asked what his name was and the dog said Cat.

The goldfish laughed, he said he wasn't a cat, even he knew that!

And the same thing happened when Cat met a bird, who quickly proclaimed that he was not a Cat!
But one thing, he did say as he pointed over to a tree..."There's
a cat, then the bird quickly flew away.

Now Cat was really upset, all of those who could be his friends had denied his name was Cat--yet it was. And even worse, he didn't want to hurt any of those friends, like they all said a cat would do...What's up with that? And as he looked at that cat, he decided he didn't like him...and he had the urge to chase that silly cat! "Why did he feel like that?"

Well Cat started trying to tell his family, but they just began to worry about his barking all the time...

Do you think Cat will ever be happy? OK, I'm a cat lady myself but I sure wouldn't want to be named Cat, just because I love them...What's a dog named Cat gonna do? Poor...Cat...

The book is totally in rhyme with full pages of rhyme across from the beautiful scene to complement the story line. Kudos to Richa Kinra for her artistic contribution!

The book is, of course, aimed at children, but it is so cute to read, following the rhyming words, that I can picture parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, sharing this darling book within their family or to friends. The story is not complex, but helps children to learn about the lives of both cats and dogs and their natural "enemies." We all know that most family animals do not always prowl, but sometimes they that can be explained or taught as the children grow older and read the book over and over...

The theme of the story is something like a child's version of The Boy Named Sue, which some of you may remember...I can almost guarantee this book will be a favorite--it's silly, it's fun, yet teaches in the easiest way possible...rhyming words to tell the tale of woe of a little dog who was named...Cat... 

Got to check this one out!


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