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Stan I. S. Law Takes Readers BEYOND Where Star Trek Traveled...in Alec - Book 1 of Alexander Trilogy

“Once upon a time, a long, long time into the future, there lived a Princess. How can she live in the future? It is as easy as living in the past. To tell you the truth, she really lives in the Present. Only in the Present— though most people seem to prefer living in the past. I don’t know why. I suppose they live in their memories. When you do nothing much, you don’t create new memories, so you have to live in the past. But not the Princess. She has so much to do that a lot of what she does spills into the future.” 
Alec was sitting by the window, seemingly paying little attention. His mother was getting used to it. What mother wasn’t? Perhaps Alec was getting too old for this? Not just this sort of book, but even for having his mother read to him. Alicia was reading aloud, in an attempt to inspire her son to read more books. Lately his interests have been limited to beating everyone at tennis. That’s it. She had no idea what subject might excite him, but, she reasoned, there was no harm in trying. She cleared her throat to get his attention.
“But Mother,” he stifled a yawn, “this is for children!” At thirteen he considered himself very adult. She chose to ignore that. “The story I am about to tell you,” she continued, “all happened a long, long time ago, and it continues a long, long time into the future.” 
Alec’s attention wondered off on a tangent. His mother’s voice receded and then merged with the drone of a bee buzzing just outside the window. His imagination took over. He pretended he was that bee. He almost felt the tiny wings flapping ceaselessly on his shoulder blades. “Sometimes it all seems like a dream,” he mused, “at other times it feels as real as the pink Christmas flowers on my windowsill.” This happened more and more often lately. His mother would read to him, and his mind would take over and spin his own story. She was getting worried about him. Didn’t they call it attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? ADHD or something? Only Alec wasn’t hyperactive. If anything he could sit for hours, seemingly lost in his thoughts. 
Perhaps I ought to see a doctor, she mused? “It all depends on what mood Alec’s in…” she told his father that evening. She was close to tears. She thought she was losing her son. Alex Baldwin Sr. was, in some respects, a fairly old-fashioned man. He was at a loss for words. Actually, he was thinking of his son’s hormones, which were probably demanding their rightful recognition, but there was no elegant way to sharing his suspicions with his wife. “It also depends on a great many other things…” Alex Senior replied. 
But Alec Junior didn’t know about great many things, until a long, long time into the future...

Book 1 in Alexander Trilogy

By Stan I. S. Law

With a prolific writer like Stan I. S. Law, you never know what genre his next book will be. This one surprised me a little but, I must say that, after reading it, I would claim that only this author could have created it...

Let me tell you my perception of this book, which has been called a coming of age story by some... First, I recognized the brilliance of the character Alec and I recognized some of the concepts explored from other books by Stanislaw... I began to read Alec as if it was an early biographic look at the boy who now uses Stan I. S. Law to write under so that it is easier to remember by his readers... Or, perhaps, it is the fantasy of what the author might have been like as a child, given what he had learned all along the way...

What it is most, is a fascinating fantasy, at least according to genre...Me, somehow I'm tying the author into this trilogy and so I picked the brilliant child star  played by Riley B. Smith on Scorpion...I can picture our author dreaming of all the things he's now writing about when he was young and already seeing beyond the normal... But that's just my perception, you don't have to agree...so I'll get on with the book, LOL

Alec was an only child whose parents did not know how to respond to what his son was becoming... Alec was good enough in school, but he had particular interests in geography and history... He would hear what was being shared by the teacher, but he would also begin to dream about where the teacher was talking about...and go there...

 ...Alec liked his school. Perhaps not every subject, but on that day they were to have Geography, and Alec always managed to imagine that he was traveling to the places they were studying. It first happened when the prim Miss Brunt, the geography teacher, was showing them a map of Peru. The large map had colorful photographs on each side, depicting people from a bygone era. On the slopes of a mountain that looked like cascading terraces, there were men and women and children all surrounded by strange animals she called llamas and alpacas. Alec’s mind was already beginning to wonder. He thought Miss Brunt must be an old maid. She was probably mangled and hung up to dry, and then ironed into a crisp condition. He saw himself turning the wheel of a clothes’ wringer with Miss. Brunt coming out, thin and proper, at the other end. Poor Miss Brunt, he thought. Shall I look like that if I never get married? At the same time the thought of getting married had left him as fast as it had come. Girls were not something Alec liked to think about. They were almost yuck. They giggled too much...

And suddenly Alec was an Inca prince, dressed in princely regalia, in colorful clothes spiced with gold thread. He stood next to the king and with him looked kindly upon his people from the top of the wall. He smiled down, and as the men and women approached, he distributed gold nuggets to them that he had collected on his many travels. 
“Alec!” Miss Brunt’s voice was even louder than the laughter of his people.
“Yes, Miss Brunt?”
“Are you paying attention?” she asked sternly. But not too sternly. Alec was her star geography pupil, even though his attention seemed to wander at times. “You are paying attention,” she affirmed for her own satisfaction.
“Yes, Miss Brunt!” Alec agreed even as he handed another gold nugget to a youngster about his own age reaching up on his toes. “Would you like one, too?” he asked Miss Burnt quietly.

It's okay to think he was just daydreaming during class...But where did Alec get the gold nuggets that the Prince and his father, the King, had been passing out to his people??? Readers should be prepared to be kept in suspense through most of the book... because there are many places that will soon be visited.

His mother notices that Alec is withdrawing more and more and decides to take him to visit a psychologist--for only one trip! Actually, what Alec is doing is traveling. No, it's not time travel, rather more like astral projection, I believe, because Alec's body always remained behind...

Until he saw her...

She was on the other side of his bedroom mirror... Alec was only 13 at that time and wasn't really into girls, but, she was different... She had the same interests, and was able to talk with him about all his travels... Soon, she was taking him to new, strange places--one of them supposedly his home planet. As they got to know each other better, and were so much alike in their thinking, she revealed that she was the other part of him. That, together, they were one... What?! Some fantasy, huh?

Or is it a fantasy???

The author says that he has purposely written a story to merge the normal, Paranormal, and the Supernormal (mysticism). Having read several books on the latter, I am able to say that Law has performed an extraordinary achievement... 

While readers spend time with Alec and his parents in his normal life, enjoying time on their new yacht and, in reality, having Alec save their lives during a terrible storm that is quite exciting...

For me, I felt a tension right from the beginning...where is this book headed? Why don't the parents recognize his brilliance, his day and night dreams as a creative, exploring mind?

Because certainly their son was special...he was not just a normal boy going through the pains of growth and getting older...

Sandra, his other half, had started taking him on special trips, preparing him for steps, various stages... But, for what purpose? Alec trusted her by this time...he was willing to wait...

But for me, the reader, I was getting restless! And then, without Sandra, Alec started to go, on his own, to very strange places...

Wow! I believe teenagers as well as adults will find this first book quite an adventure. It certainly frees readers'  imaginations to explore unknown territory...Because this is beyond even the planets and stars we see...This is beyond where man lives...   This was beyond where Star Trek and I ever traveled...  And I was still not sure it was all fantasy...

I wasn't sure I was brave enough to go further... Are you?


Stanislaw Kapuscinski, (aka Stan I.S. Law) an architect, sculptor and prolific writer, was educated in Poland and England. A refugee from Poland at 13, then at 33, having overcome numerous difficulties, he began his search for the secret of life. Now, he is a successful writer, happily married for 25 years, with an assured future. 

His special interests cover a broad spectrum of arts, sciences and philosophy. At times he seeks inspiration in the Peruvian Andes, or solitude under sail. His books (articles, short stories, poetry) attest to his particular passion for the scope and the development of Human Potential. He authored more than thirty books, eighteen of them novels.

His non-fiction explores Ancient Myths, Biblical Symbolism, Immortality and the mystery of Visualization. Three volumes of Essays (Beyond Religion) investigate the Nature of Being. Generally, if you suspect you are more than flesh and bones, read Stan Law. If you want to be sure, read Stanislaw Kapuscinski. 

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