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Second Robert Thornhill Novel, Lady Justice and the Conspiracy, Continues to Please!

When I read my first Lady Justice Novel,  Lady Justice and the Candidate, which would be a great novel to read during this presidential election, don't you think, I was having fun with the non-traditional pictures I found of Lady Justice. Maybe that's part of why I  was so interested in continuing this series. But this book, Lady Justice and the Conspiracy, is the first I've had a chance to read since then.

But I love that the lead and many of the other characters who, as senior citizens, still are active and concerned about what happens around them. So I thoroughly enjoyed this latest book and highly recommend it to those looking for books about the reality of today's world and reading about it within a mystery setting and with a good dose of comedy!

Lady Justice and the
A Walt Williams Mystery Comedy Novel

By Robert Thornhill

Jack Carson switched on the dome light of his car and looked at his watch for the fourth time. The man he was supposed to meet was forty-five minutes late. His first contact with the man who would only identify himself as ‘Falcon’ was two weeks ago. He had told Carson he had contacted him because he had seen his name in numerous bylines in the Kansas City Star. It certainly made sense. Carson was the number one guy working the Star’s crime beat. His name was connected to at least a half-dozen stories every day; everything from drive-by shootings to domestic disturbances. Carson had nearly hung up on the guy when Falcon announced he was an Air Force pilot who had been recruited to fly missions solely for the purpose of dispersing deadly chemicals into the atmosphere. Carson received bogus calls every day which included everything from Elvis sightings to alien spacecraft landings, and part of his job was to sort the newsworthy tips from the obviously absurd. He was about to dismiss the guy as just another crackpot when he happened to glance out the window and see a series of fluffy white trails crisscrossing the sky. The trails had become so commonplace he hardly paid any attention to them anymore, but he remembered wondering once, why there seemed to be so many more and why they lasted so long before dispersing and forming a grey haze which blocked the rays of the sun. What the hell, he had thought. It was a slow news day and what did he have to lose other than an hour of time? He agreed to meet the man for the first of what turned into three clandestine meetings; all were at secluded locations and all were under the cover of darkness. 
The first time they met, Carson had halfway expected to see a guy wearing one of those tin foil hats which are supposed to keep evil forces from reading your thoughts, but quite the contrary, the man could have been the poster boy from an Air Force recruiting ad. He could have been Tom Cruise’s stand-in as Maverick in the movie, Top Gun. Falcon made it clear from the beginning he was to remain anonymous and under no circumstances could the information he would give be attributed to him. If his identity was disclosed, at the very least he would be court martialed --- or worse. Just like Woodward and Bernstein’s ‘Deep Throat’ in All the President’s Men, Carson thought as he listened to Falcon’s demand for anonymity. At that meeting, and the two which followed, Falcon shared details which turned Carson’s blood cold. He took meticulous notes about the men who were recruited to fly the covert missions, the planes that were loaded with deadly chemicals and the purpose of the ‘chemtrails’ which stretched from horizon to horizon across the entire United States. After each meeting, Carson would spend long hours trying to verify what Falcon had given him. He found enough evidence to give some credibility to the frightful scenario which Falcon had painted --- enough that he was willing to move forward if Falcon could provide him with the one piece of evidence which would convince him the story was true --- a sample of the brew Falcon said was pumped into barrels in the huge bellies of the Boeing KC-135 Stratotankers. Falcon had agreed and was supposed to deliver the sample at tonight’s meeting. Carson looked at his watch again. Falcon was an hour late and probably not coming. His story had been captivating, but when pressured to produce the one thing which could verify his wild claims, he would come up empty, because his story was just that --- wild claims which could not be substantiated. Carson sighed, started the car and headed home. On the one hand, he was relieved. It would be far better for our country if Falcon’s assertions were figments of his imagination. On the other hand, if what Falcon shared was true, the story he would have written had Pulitzer Prize written all over it.

As Carson pulled out into traffic,
he remembered Falcon talking
 about his commanding
dire predictions
 of what might happen to any
pilot divulging information
 about the
 program known among the
aviators  and crews as
 ‘Indigo Skyfold.’
Falcon had done just that,
and now he was dead.
A coincidence?
 Carson didn’t think so.
Jack Carson, crime reporter for the Kansas City Star, was used to getting calls about a possible story, some were cranks which he quickly eliminated. This time, he had listened enough to think that his contact, known only as Falcon, may be giving him a real story that could, if true, be big--maybe even Pulitzer Prize material.

It was an expose' on what the government was doing. Specifically, that they were planting what, in essence, was poisons into the sky! Which, obviously if true, would eventually come back down to the surface...

Jack had put the Falcon on the spot...In order to proceed, he'd need a sample of what was being blasted into the atmosphere...

When Falcon didn't show up to meet, Jack figured that was the end--the informant had made up the story...

Except by the next morning, Jack saw an incident report, went to the morgue, and verified that Falcon was dead. And he'd been an AF pilot as he'd earlier shared...

It was Jack Carson who had gone to Walt to see if they could learn more. Walt was an ex-cop and his partner, who still worked, had been the officer who caught the AF pilot's accident. Jack was positive that it was not an accident. Ox confirmed that Walt had been right about how the wreck occurred, but that there was no proof that it had not happened as vehicle failure... the case had been closed.
So there it was. The reaction of the average man on the street, totally awed by the phenomenon and totally unaware the brilliant colors were being reflected from poisons sprayed into the sky. One more example of wolves disguised in sheep’s clothing.

Walt thanked Ox and then asked for the address of the victim...He wasn't satisfied... He became even more agitated when he shared with his partner, his brother-in-law, and learned that Kevin had already considered the problem of chemtrails...and was quite willing to accept that the pilot had become a whistleblower, was discovered, and had to be eliminated!

“I believe chemicals are being sprayed into the air. For Chris’ sakes, Walt. All you have to do is look up most any day of the week and see dozens of fluffy trails crisscrossing the sky. The official word is those are water condensation trails, but that’s bureaucratic bullshit. We have them almost every day here in Kansas City, but it was much worse in Phoenix.”
Before coming to Kansas City, Kevin lived in Phoenix for thirty years and worked as a private investigator. “Angel hair,” he continued. “That’s what we would call the stuff which fell on us after the sky had been obliterated by the chemical emissions. They looked like very long cobwebs, but unlike cobwebs they would completely dissolve into our skin when we touched them. When we held a match to them, they would blacken and curl like plastic or some polymer burning. Scary stuff!” 
I was stunned by what my partner was saying. “If that’s true and the stuff was falling everywhere, why didn’t someone report it?"
“Oh, they did!” he replied. “The Air Force denied they were spraying chemicals and the EPA said there was nothing to worry about. So who you gonna call next?

Well, Walt was on the trail and wasn't going to give up...Soon he learned about the "weather manipulation" issue...

But, the number of bodies climbed the more Walt asked the right questions to the right people...

Could Lady Justice work any magic in this conspiracy?! The problem readers face is the same one we all experience daily with political ads. One group praises one candidate and another group spreads dirt about the same person. No wonder the public has no way to get to the truth?! How can Lady Justice?!

But what Walt faces is much more than he's willing to... In fact he was planning to leave town and visit Branson... And I immediately thought of how much I enjoyed my visit there...Here's one of my favorite shows, just because Dino is a favorite of mine... I sure wish he could have made that trip!

But Walt wasn't able to leave... Danger lurked...

Thornhill keeps readers moving quickly in the investigation of the conspiracy and his character, Walt Williams, is a joy to meet through the book. The ending caught me off guard and was certainly a surprise that most readers will find as intriguing as I did! Don't miss this series! And this one just might capture your interest to keep reading Robert Thornhill! Enjoy.


Award-winning author, Robert Thornhill, began writing at the age of sixty-six and in six short years has penned twenty-one novels in the Lady Justice mystery/comedy series, the seven volume Rainbow Road series of chapter books for children, a cookbook and a mini-autobiography.

Lady Justice and the Sting, Lady Justice and Dr. Death, Lady Justice and the Vigilante, Lady Justice and the Candidate, Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders, Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders, Lady Justice and the Vet and Lady Justice and the Pharaoh's Curse won the Pinnacle Award for the best new mystery novels of Fall 2011, Winter 2012, Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Spring of 2013, Summer of 2013, Spring of 2014 and Fall of 2014 from the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs.

Many of Walt's adventures in the Lady Justice series are anecdotal and based on Robert's real life.

Although Robert holds a master's in psychology, he has never taken a course in writing and has never learned to type. All 30 of his published books were typed with one finger and a thumb!

His wit and insight come from his varied occupations, including thirty-three years as a real estate broker.
He lives with his wife, Peg, in Independence, Missouri.

Visit him on the Web at:

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