Thursday, August 25, 2016

Three Shorts Today to Delight, Help, or Think About...

The Gift is a gift for all readers who need a bit of heartwarming joy to brighten the day.

Stacey had been putting up Christmas decorations and asked her husband to go shopping with her. Ralph simply replied, "What for?" and would not go with her.

Trying to help Ralph come out of a depression, she wasn't having too much success...

God, how she hated seeing him this way. His sour mood was almost an every-day thing now, and most days she alternated between great sadness and even greater anger. Sometimes she just wanted to shout, "Get over it already!" Ralph had been in a deep dark hole for over a year now. Terribly depressed and refusing to get any kind of help. Sometimes she could jolly him out of the darkness by being incredibly cheerful herself, but that always took such an effort. She felt like her cheeks were going to split with the effort to keep a smile and her heart was going to break from the sadness.

Many people do not understand that a depressed person cannot just snap out of it. Stacey realized that she needed to step in since her husband wouldn't seek help... You may think that the picture of the cute puppy was the answer, but you'll be wrong.

What really happens is a tiny little miracle that could not have been anticipated... That makes this story all the more heartwarming. Read it and give it to a friend...

I have no idea how I got an English Version of this book, which I can no longer find; however, I hope this will be useful in this language.

I bought the book because my sister has Fibromyalgia. She is constantly reading material, so I wanted to share about this book. There is one basic methodology that the author describes for how he helped getting to a lower pain level for this problem. I was able to fully understand what and how he accomplished this. Both my sister and I could see an advantage to those who suffer from Fibromyalgia should at least consider this option...for it really can't hurt. It involves drinking water with an additive.

The key limitation for this book for a general reader is that the author obviously has considerable expertise in the health field and instead of spending time on the one topic covered, he went on to provide other information for other uses.

I would have given him a higher ranking if he had stuck with just one topic, the Fibromyalgia and given his personal story in detail of what was happening. While he did go into the fact that he tested on and off, using the methodology, I personally think it would have been more beneficial to sufferers if he'd wrote it like a personal story as if he was telling me, a friend, and did not get into the other chemical issues that many would not understand... I am adding this last paragraph because the author asked for such feedback.

Note: I am including this review in case any of my readers are able to read the version that is now being sold...

She told her parents she liked girls when
she was 10 years old. They beat her with
sticks, brooms, belts, and anything else
they could get their hands on. Day after
day, she was locked in the basement and
beat until she could no longer stand.
This went on until she was 13 when they
beat her too hard. She was
hospitalized and then placed in a group
home for abused children. While that
was better than home, it was still bad.
For those who enjoy short stories, this is a sweet love story about losing the love of your life and not being able to get pass the time you once spent together...

Sasha had been Mickey's soul mate. She had been killed one day while they were on the road, having so much fun...

Once they hit the road, Sash cranked the volume up on the radio. Both of them like oldies rock and playing on the radio was "Wayward Son" by Kansas. They both started nodding their heads to the beat.

Years went by... And then someone else comes into your life and the attraction, something that you thought was over, has come back...

Mickey was a vet and had a dog who was hurt brought in for treatment. Tabby had said it was her dog but really she had hit the little dog and was so upset she had to do something. Mickey reassured her that she would treat the animal, no matter if it was a stray...

And it was through this little dog that Tabby came to spend time with Mickey, in order to learn how to treat the dog and to exercise his leg...and while they helped the dog, they got to know each other... Then Tabby asked Mickey to dinner, but Mickey wasn't sure whether it was actually a date...

Some drama is added to the story when another character enters the picture late in the story, but, mostly this is just a heartwarming story of love the second time around... well, actually, the ending is...just the beginning... Enjoy!


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