Thursday, September 1, 2016

Midnight - By Laura Lee And a Short What's Happening at BRH!


His black velvet, impossible skin
wraps itself around my arm
while he burns holes through me with his
golden eyes and witchcraft.
My little sultan of the rooftops
is a male chauvinist
who patrols the sky by night
awaiting any female prey.

But I forgive him, 
for he crawls into my bed each morning
and serenades me with a lullaby of purrs.
Have a good night!


What's Happenin'?

With doctor and dental appointments, am cutting it short today...

But, Wow! We hit over 30 thousand hits this month (30,384)... Thanks so much for coming to visit Book Readers Heaven and learning about some great books... and more...

And speaking of great's the top numbers for this month...But remember the numbers keep rising as time goes by and more visitors come and stay awhile...

A special thanks to D. J. Williams for sharing his new process of providing a soundtrack to play along with a novel... If you're interested in how that worked, check on the early info articles!

Portugal and Japan had 20 visits a special welcome and a wish for you all to come back again!

Presently reading about lost Mayan records! Can't wait to tell you about it...

Oh, BTW, I accepted, reluctantly, several pdf books... I need you all to know that when loaded into Kindle, the print is too small and the Kindle processes are not accessible for this format...That means that these are definitely lower priority since I must sit at a computer to read... Sorry, but more and more writers are expecting reviewers to take ebook formats. 

I had one even write and say that sending a book to me costs too much... Duh... am I missing something? Reviewers are not paid for their work...that's normally a minimum of 2 days work for a review... does it make sense to tell a potential reviewer they don't want to spend about $3 to send the book??? Writers! Wake up and smell the roses... The attitude of requesters is a very important part of my work... If you are expecting a review with something less than a book, which is the easiest to review, please expect that your book will receive lower priority, especially with constraints such as size of print!!! 

Although I did get new glasses and can work a lot easier now! 

Have a good day! And God Bless!


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