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Cindy McDonald Takes Readers "To The Brink" with Her Latest First Force Series! Come Meet Amos!

She had noticed a lone Belted Galloway in a corral just beyond the barn. The other cows were in the distance. Wondering why that cow was isolated, she decided to get a closer look at the creature and at the wide white swath around its belly. So instead of following Dan, she made her way toward the corral.
The overly large cow lifted his head from the stack of hay that he'd been munching to watch her approach.
Boo barked.
Tess arrived at the corral. The cow walked toward her.
Boo growled and barked again, beating his front paws against the ground.
Tess stepped up on the first rung of the metal corral to get a closer look.
The cow started to trot toward her.
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Tess stepped up on the second rung.
Suddenly, strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her from the fence., "Whoa, Amos!"
The cow came to a sliding halt. Tess found herself enveloped in Dan's arms.
"I'm sorry," he said. "I shoulda warned you that that's the bull. He can be very aggressive, as many bulls are--especially with breeding season coming up. Please stay away from this corral. I don't want you to get hurt."
She was up close and personal with Dan Garrison. Looking into his brown eyes filled with oncern, she thought that he was like her knight in shining armor. Okay, how hokey was that? But seriously, that's what it felt like...
...Yeah, Dan Garrison was looking a lot like her next big mistake, yet somehow she was feeling good about it all--astonishingly good...

To The Brink:
The First Force Series

By Cindy McDonald

OMG! The scene that takes readers "To The Brink" is unbelievable! But, then, there are many more exciting scenes to capture the attention of each and every reader! I myself read until after midnight, not being willing to put the book down before finished.

And it's been the same since the first book , the second, and the
 last one, In the Dark.  There are two fantastic things you can expect: a male-female pair that will immediately call you to attention... and a completely different story that will be totally unexpected, yet one of the most exciting books you will read! Do check out my reviews if you haven't read the first three books, or just want to refresh you memory of the earlier novels...

He flicked off the lights for the
staircase and turned the doorknob
and when he stepped onto the
main floor of the mansion, he was
take aback. His jaw tightened. The
cobwebs instantly cleared. Quickly
and agilely, he yanked the gun from
his waistband and trained it on a
beautiful blond woman standing
just beyond the door...
Emily Proctor
Tess McMillan
This time, it's Dan Garrison, who is the spotlighted member of the First Force. He has been left helping to hold up the business while a number go on a short vacation. It should be an easy time for Dan, except that he discovers that he's allergic to cats, and caring for them is part of the job while everyone's away...With streaming eyes and sneezes Dan flees to the clinic in the basement to find something to help...and falls asleep... When he awakes, he finds her inside... inside a supposedly totally secure team headquarters... While holding a gun on her, she explains that she's looking for Grant Ketchem, who had offered to help her when she needed it. But that didn't calm Dan, as he asked her if he had told her how to breach the security system. At that point, Tess begins her counterplay, quickly honing in on his obvious allergy to cats and pointing out that they were right there making him more miserable... And soon they were both back down in the clinic--he had at least recognized her name and knew her background and was willing to talk...

  Tess McMillan had no doubt that there was a private corner in hell reserved for the likes of Ballard Crafton. As if she were a trapped animal, she crouched in a dark corner of the rented cabin. Damn him. She hoped that he was feeling the burn at that very moment.
She'd spent most of her adult life with Ballard. She'd been with him since she was seventeen. He'd been her mentor. He'd been her lover, and for the last five years of his life, she had been his wife. That's right, she had been his wife--but he hadn't necessarily been her husband...No, theirs had been an arrangement based on possession--on his need to possess, period. Ballard had insisted that she keep her maiden name and pose as his personal assistant so that the women whom he pursued with his good looks and alluring charm would be none the wiser to his marital status...
But Ballard was dead, and she had to deal with the problems that the man had left behind...
The vehicle drove slowly past the cabin. Stealthily, she slid to the other side of the window and pinched back the interim... She had to get out. It was time to find another place to hide...
After setting the safety, Tess laid the .45 on the bed. She twisted her long blond hair on top of her head...and scanned the area for the SUV...she scurried to the car, tossed the suitcase into the trunk, and jumped into the driver's seat. Slowly, so as to not attract any attention, she pulled away from the cabin to drive down the dark, secluded road that led out of the camp and to the main highway. So far, so good--there was no sign of the black SUV...

The criminal element in the book is all just waiting for you to hate...Tess's very rich husband was planning to become a multi-billionaire by creating a super-hero...not a new concept, but certainly a totally different surrounding story that moves toward a climax that is totally unexpected and surprising with the various players getting involved to eliminate the bad guys.. It may not seem believable, but then when criminals are also, well, crazy, you never know what their minds will dream up... Certainly McDonald has a sweet beautiful face so that you'd never believe she could conceive of the scenes found in this novel! LOL! I loved all of them!

And of course, McDonald is ensuring that each of The First Force Team finds someone to love...and Dan didn't take too long in doing that...

"Bra and panties? No. I usually do yoga in yoga pants and a sports bra, but I didn't pack any, and I didn't have anything on hand that would stretch or bend with my body, so I opted for this," she said as casually as if she were giving him directions into town. Then she lay on her back. The bear's wispy fur tickled the countours of her body. She grabbed her right leg and extended it toward the ceiling...
While pouring coffee into his mug, he noticed the hushed hum of music flowing through the downstairs. It was coming from his flat screen, and the volume was turned down very low. She'd put on some music channel that played that weird meditation-relaxation mumbo-jumbo.
It was hard to not watch her. He tried to busy himself in the kitchen by pouring half-and-half into his coffee, stirring it, drinking it, and watching her. The watching was simply beyond his control. He went to the cupboard to set a mug out for her in case she wanted some coffee after she was done.
Finally she sat in a post that he recognized as a yoga position--he saw on TV programs and in commercials all the time. She was sitting crosslegged with her head up, her eyes closed, and the backs of her hands resting on her knees. Her ponytail was gently lying over her shoulder, hovering between her round breasts, and moving up and down as she breathed.
Boo seemed every bit as rapt in the sight as he was...

Although I enjoyed sharing some of my favorite scenes, notice that they give very little away about the actual story. Still they give you an unique peek at the sexy, dangerous, with thrilling excitement of the hunt for a lone, beautiful, and talented woman who has also realized that she needs help...from First Force! What a series! And, wow, did I enjoy the book. 

McDonald's scene writing in this latest seemed extraordinarily thrilling... I'm sure glad I don't have to choose favorites, but rather, just look forward to the next one, where it's going to be Casey, the team's sharpshooter's, turn! Can't Wait! If you haven't started reading Cindy McDonald, you're missing watching a rising star in the thriller genre! Highly recommended.


For 26 years Cindy's life whirled around a song and a dance--she was a professional choreographer. She taught ballet, jazz, and tap. During that time she choreographed many musicals and an opera for the Pittsburgh Savoyards. Most recently, she has retired to write her novels. She resides with her husband and Cocker Spaniel, Allister, on their Thoroughbred farm know as Fly By Night Stables near Pittsburgh. To learn more about all of Ms. McDonald's book series' and to read excerpts from her upcoming books, please visit her website:
You can also find out about her cozy mystery series, Fiona Quinn Mysteries, and her children's books under her pen name, C.S. McDonald. Here's that website: Check it out!

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