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William Rubin Presents A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller - Forbidden Birth!

A few key cuts and he had what he had
been searching for in the palm of
 his hand. He pulled it out and examined
 its symmetry, its beauty, its potential.
For some time now, he had decided who lived and who died--and who would be born again. He had built up this state-of=the-art lab from nothing over the last six and a half years. His clientele now included the wealthiest, most powerful people in the world. He produced high-priced miracles for them and they, in turn, unwittingly funded all he had worked so hard to create. After years of tolling in secrecy, the time had come to reveal himself. The world would learn of his intelligence and power. The world would learn to fear and respect. The Giver, the moniker he had chosen for himself.
He looked up from the mangled corpse that lay before him and turned his attention to the flat screen monitor a few feet away. It was an NBC special report that he didn't want to miss. New York State Governor Gregory Spatick was answering questions from a well-dressed reporter who sat across from him.
"Governor, you've allocated a great deal of time, money, and manpower to your pet project, the Division of Medical Crimes. To date they have not solved a single crime. Aren't you concerned the federal government will withhold funding, shutting the unit, if the DMC continues to fail?"
Spatick uncrossed his legs, shifted in his chair, and tentatively re-crossed his legs. "Janet, we have wonderful news to report for the DMC. Doctor Chris Ravello has just been appointed the lead detective for the Division of Medical Crimes. As you know, his division is our response to the explosive growth of medical associated crimes in recent years. Illegal sales of drugs over the internet; synthetic street drugs; unusual murders where medical expertise is helpful; and crimes involving physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or any other areas of medicine. All such crimes in New York State now fall under the jurisdiction of the newly created Division of Medical Crimes. Detective Ravello is our new lead investigator and the FBI will also offer assistance whenever we feel their expertise would aid in solving such crimes."
"Governor, it's unheard of for an NYPD officer to become a detective after only two months on the job. With such limited experience what qualifies Detective Ravello to now become the DMC's lead investigator?" the blong said with a furrowing of her brow.
"Chris Ravello is the only physician-detective in the NYPD history. Doctor Ravello brings experience, knowledge and a unique perspective to the fight against medical crimes in New York. I wholeheartedly believe the DMC will flourish under Detective Ravello."
Hands still and folded in front of him, the Giversmiled to himself as the television droned on. Not only had the dead woman in front of him given him exactly what he needed, she was his perfect calling card. Her appearance would jolt Ravello. Indeed, it would disturb him to his core...
"They have no clue who or what they are dealing with. And they never will."

Forbidden Birth
A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller

By William Rubin

First, a warning: This is an extremely dark and graphic novel. Second. it is an amazing merge of crimes surrounding medical atrocities, with a main character that has medical credentials that are used to consider both the crime, as well as the potential individuals who could or would possibly have done the crime...

What do I mean by medical atrocities? Well, there is a serial killer operating in New York City. While he has been involved in these actions for quite some time, he sees the appointment of the head of a new Division of Medical Crimes, who is the first medical doctor who has also gone through the Police Academy, as a challenge. His feelings of omniscience have led him from his primary goals and resulted in a desire for a game of cat-and-mouse... Let's see this obviously inadequate doctor-cum-police investigator fumble through some sort of investigation with which he will ultimately be unsuccessful... And he'll be gone!

And believe me, when The Giver starts the game, it is difficult to keep up! Especially since Ravello has just been appointed and, indeed, has little experience in police investigation. And the author has not made it easy for his main character! He's taken him from a lucrative practice and a happy family into a relocation of his family into a location that is quite a letdown from their previous home. He is also fighting an illness that threatens his job and about which he did not share when he applied for the job! Not exactly a good start...

But what he has is the desire to succeed, based upon the loss of his mother through a devastating, senseless murder. He can no longer function as a doctor--he needs to get out there and stop those individuals who do harm! There was no way though that he could have realized that his first assignment would prove to be one of the biggest and most explosive cases that could ever come to New York!

How fitting that these degenerates
and their offspring would be used,
raised up, to transform all whose
lives would follow from theirs.
These patients would accomplish
so much more dead at his hands
than they ever would have alive,
roaming the earth without purpose.
The Giver used the very body on which he'd been working as the first placed for a quick find. The lower part of the woman's body had been mutilated. It is quickly seen by the reader how Ravello's medical expertise was going to greatly help in the investigation. Not only did he consider the disposed body differently, he was able to work closely with the ME about what could be found.

The main thing was that, though mutilated, there was evidence of surgically removed parts of the body and sometimes a fetus... The body count quickly started to rise. 

The young fetus lay before him, still trapped for the moment inside Erika's uterus. With that baby, and the countless ones before it and those who would follow, he would achieve greatness for himself and the entire human race.

The Giver sang arias in Italian while he worked, as he was wont to do during moments of triumph such as these. He tore through Erika's uterus while matching

his voice to soprano Caroline Whisnant's... He removed the small fetus and its placenta. It was safe now. Safe with him and his grant plans--the same could not be said for Rakel Ingi...A sick, demented smile curled across The Giver's face as he stared at the spot where Rakel's body disappeared from view. A momentary and unexpected sadness came over him as he reflected on her. She was so pretty and so young to have died, but she would rest easy knowing her sacrifice helped advance the future of the entire human race. Erika's harvest had been a fruitful one. Thanks to her young baby, The Giver's plans were ahead of schedule. "Another Victory was almost at hand. 

The Queen song, "Another One Bites The Dust," danced in his head as a smile returned to The Giver's face and all thoughts of sadness or sympathy for the girl disappeared. A warm feeling of supreme confidence and satisfaction swept over him. Blood rushed to his penis and roused it from its slumber. What a glorious morning it was!

The Giver looked up from the newspaper
and turned his thoughts to his foe.
"Ravello is a worthy adversary, he's kept
me on my toes, but he's no match for my
preternatural powers...
"I alone will decide who in this fair city,
in this wonderful nation of ours, lives
and dies. I alone will decide who will be
reborn--and no one can stop me."

I thought the egomaniac psychopath created by Rubin deserved a"bravo." Not for the character but for the author who created him. For surely, this one individual was brilliant and was well advanced of others who had turned to criminal actions to serve their own personal, crazed, goals... There is no way you will not hate the actions he does, but realize his success in keeping his activities so secret that nobody was aware of him, until he decided to share with the doctor-investigator Chris Ravello...

Yes, I have purposely not shared much about the investigation, rather on the criminal who keeps readers hoping he'll be stopped! Other than to say that Ravello is a character that I look forward to learning more about. Then, too, his team characters are an interesting backup to the new lead investigator. All in all, this promises to be an exciting series with a leader who, I hope, doesn't have to face such a scary, dark psychopath the next time around... But with the range of issues that fall into his bailiwick, it could prove to be a long-standing set of books that will rock the medical thriller genre! Rubin has given us a knowledgeable team leader that will soon be recognized by readers who follow medical mysteries and thrillers! Kudos to the author! If you can get past the dark, graphic pictures, then do check out a new author that I highly recommend!


William Rubin is a practicing physician who enjoys weaving tales of medical/scientific intrigue. Writing for him is equal parts catharsis, creativity, and escape from the rigors of a busy medical practice and the joys and challenges of raising a family. The works of James Patterson, Michael Crichton, and Patricia Cornwell inspired Dr. Rubin to create the Christopher Ravello Series. Challenges and tragedies in Dr. Rubin’s life, particularly the untimely death of his mother, provided some of the underlying drama, conflict, and turmoil for the series’ lead character. When he isn't busy practicing medicine or crafting his next medical thriller, Dr. Rubin enjoys time with his family and friends, running, playing piano, and travel. 

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