Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another Italian Entertainer, Jerry Colonna, from Bravo! - With Individual Biographic Sketches Sample - Enjoy!

Among the truly unique "singers" was Gerald Luigi Colonna--Professor Colonna.
Jerry Colonna was born in Boston Massachusetts in 1904, the son of Italian immigrants. Although he was trained on the drums and the trombone, Colonna broke into show business as a comedian, playing on the radio shows and in the films of Bob Hope. Referred to, on the show, as "Professor" Colonna, his role was to insult the host, which Hope likely enjoyed as much as the audience. He also accompanied Hope on many of the legendary USO tours prior to his faltering health and 1980 death. Although he had an unforgettable appearance--with popping eyes and an immense mustache--it was his singng that is more memorable. The author vividly recalls, over these many decades, the sheer joy of hearing Jerry Colonna singing "On the Road to Mandalay," from its ear-splitting, seemingly endless opening note to the crackling last notes and the concluding "Cheerio!" 

I hope you've seen at least one of the Road Movies with Bob...
Reading a book covering the mastery of music by those with Italian Heritages can be a walk through memory lane for many of us...and an introduction of a new experience for many. Certainly, once you've heard the name and see him perform, Jerry Colonna, will not soon be forgotten. That's why I decided to spotlight him in particular...and, maybe, with the author's permission, I'll spotlight others from time to time...

Maybe the Road to Rio???
Ahhhh, such a wonderful leading man to stroll with...
If I had my way, I would have traveled with Bob Hope!
Wow! Never knew he played trombone until I read it in Bravo!
Ebb Tide will Never Sound right again...
And March Hare never sounded right after this movie...

Remember when we went to the movies and always saw a cartoon first?!
And there's no other like him, is there?!
And we certainly loved him...for some strange reason...LOL

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