Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Come Meet Becca the Bat! Visiting Book Readers Heaven With Her New Hat!

 Yes, it's me! I thought since I'm going to tell you about a bat with a hat that I would show you mine! Especially in the winter, I wear it all the time, but, mostly, I wear it like a night cap to keep my head warm in my somewhat wind-blown cabin...

Do you wear a hat? What kind?

You do like mine, don't you? Oh, don't mind Charlie...he's not happy to be modeling my cap for you, but, then, he's got a lot more fur (hair) to keep him warm!

Anyway, today, Tim Zak is sharing his story about a bat with a hat. No, it's not like mine, it's much prettier, but probably not as warm... 

The Bat Who Lost Her Hat

By Tim Zak

I imagine that Becca the Bat must have one day saw somebody wearing a hat, perhaps for the Easter Parade! And she loved the "look" and wanted to get a hat too... She went shopping and found that special hat. It fit just right, even staying on when she flew upside down!
Becca had found her hat and loved it so much that she wore it so that all her friends could see it!

Becca is a cute little bat,
who loved wearing her pink hat.
Becca would fly when it was dark
She loved to go down to the park.

Her friends were hanging in a tree,

She took her hat for them to see.

Tim Zak has created a delightful, fun pre-school nursery rhyme series that is bound to attract the attention of young children. Each book uses a small animal that can be used as introductions to the child. In addition each has something that teaches through the actions of that character. For instance, when Becca woke up one morning, she didn't have her hat on like she always did!

She immediately started the Blame Game, first blaming her brother and then all her friends as she flew around trying to find who had taken it. She knew that everybody else had said they loved her hat, so she had automatically assumed that somebody had stolen it!

What do you think happened when she later found her hat at home?!!

As you can see how the cover and the two page samples, the pages are beautifully created with the words directly on the page of the picture, which I personally, prefer. I viewed the ebook on both Kindle Fire and on the computer screen in full-color and recommend if you have the Fire, you choose that format. The colors are brilliant and true to life and the character, Becca, is center of the page so that she will soon be immediately recognized by children.

These are wonderful books to start your child toward reading enjoyment. I'll be sharing a couple more from this wonderful author soon.  Highly recommended!


Tim Zak was born in Jersey City, N.J. as a flower child of the 1960's. He is a former student of the Institute of Children's Literature of West Redding, CT. He studied literature and creative arts in college, and spent time as a reporter for the Asbury Park Press in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Tim is now a full time expert children's book author, allowing his passion for writing to speak to children in his content rich adventure books.

He currently has turned his love for writing children's books about animal stories to the Amazon platform. Many of the bedtime stories and baby animals that he has developed for children over the past 30 years are jumping from the pages of his kids books and springing to life in this fun digital format. Tim plans on bringing all his fun and lovable nursery rhymes to Amazon where he thinks he has finally found the perfect home for all his fans to enjoy.

Tim began writing his children's books to share with his daughter. She is now grown and an integral part of the writing process, providing the names for all those cute baby animals is his fun adventures.

Tim currently lives in sunny Florida where he has plans on writing more best selling children's books this year!

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