Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Singer From Pesaro - Anna Maria Alberghetti - Spotlight from Guy Graybill's Bravo!

Anna Maria Alberghetti was born in
1936 in the resort town of Pesaro, home to about 90,000 souls today. Pesaro was also the hometown of Gioacchini Rossini...

At 13, Opens at Carnegie Hall
Alberghetti is a gifted soprano who was singing professionally by the age of six. As the years passed, she chose Los Angeles over La Scala. That is to say, rather than becoming am opera singer, Alberghetti became a concert soloist and the singing actress in a number of Broadway plays and Hollywood motion pictures. This success was expanded with the recordings that she made for several different United States companies. Her records, her stage and film appearances had the effect of helping American audiences to realize that Italian females could also have heavenly voices.

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