Friday, May 29, 2015

Wit and Wisdom of Romance, Courtship and Marriage...Maybe...

Leslie Rodriguez

I love the women's movement...
especially when I'm walking behind it.
--Rush Limbaugh
Perfect Pic of 
Male Chauvinist Pig...?

Carlos de Jong

But never fear, gentlemen;
castration was never really not the point
of feminism, and we women are too busy
eviscerating one another to take you on.
--Anna Quindlen
I wasn't sure Anna,
Is this Wit or Wisdom???

Alla Baksanskaya

Next Chapter is on Men...
Here's one you can really consider a bit of wisdom...

Men should think twice before making
widowhood women's only path to power.
--Gloria Steinem
What can I add to that "powerful" statement?

Working with Harold Michael Harvey on Next Week's Discussion!

Excerpts Start Monday!

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