Friday, May 22, 2015

April Poet Contributor, Also Children's Author, Paul M. Kramer, Shares Latest--Jenny, Cancer Survivor--to be Published Soon!II

Hi, my name is Jennifer, but most people call me Jenny. I enjoy taking long walks and playing outdoors in the sun. It’s been a while since I’ve been this happy and had so much fun. I love my school where I’ m currently in the 5th grade. I wear my hair in a ponytail and I also wear it in a braid

I’ve learned to realize that we shouldn’t take our lives for granted and to
appreciate each and every day. I was very sick during the entire year that I was nine. Today I am so pleased to say that I am extremely healthy and I feel fine.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read my story. It’s one of sadness, but also of hope, faith and glory.

Jenny - Cancer Survivor

By Paul M. Kramer
Illustrated by  Helga Tacke

What individual would not fall in love with Jenny and automatically begin to send up prayers for her. Jenny was just nine when the doctors discovered she had cancer. Isn't it wonderful that advances have been made so that we can now meet and be grateful for those who have become survivors...

Jenny is one of those. This is her story... It's pretty scary to see what she goes through, but I asked the publisher to permit me to share many of the fantastic illustrations showing Jenny's year-long struggle... If I were a doctor who worked with child cancer patients, I would want to give this as a gift to every single child - where there is hope, there is a chance that that child too would become a survivor! Parents and relatives - a must-read for you. But let's not forget children who do not have cancer. Illness can touch each of us; cancer is not the only problem that we all may face. This book, as Jenny says, is not only about sadness of not being well, but is filled with hope, faith and glory! And everybody needs to be filled by such feelings, especially during bad times...

I had cancer but now I am totally cancer free. It’s hard to imagine anyone in your family actually having cancer, especially you. It seems to be other people in other families that bad things happen to. If you’ve never had cancer or another serious illness, I hope you never do. If you have, I hope you, like me, are a survivor too.

I must commend the illustrator for this book. The selections of colors, the choices of pictures and characters have been brilliantly chosen and created. That alone gives a feeling of joy to those who have the opportunity to read this book! Kudos to Helga Tacke...

The book came as an ebook; however, there was no loss of how the entire layout of the story has been meticulously done to complement the author's--and Jenny's story. Impressive, indeed!

The story is written in first person and all readers will feel her fear as she realizes that there was something wrong and then move forward into the unknown of going to see a doctor, to be in the hospital, and in pain...

Dr. Armstead told my mother he believed I had Leukemia, which is a form of cancer.
To be absolutely sure a bone marrow test that confirmed I did have cancer was taken.
I had hoped it was just a bad dream that would turn out to be a big mistake when I awakened.
If diagnosed early enough curing cancer has an excellent success rate. My parents could not believe or accept this was going to be my fate.

The next couple of weeks I didn’t feel better, I felt worse.I was pale and weak, my hair was falling out, I had a temperature and I wasn’t okay. My joints hurt, I was losing weight and my fever wasn’t going away. My mother and father took care of me and read to me every day. I knew they were worried because sometimes I would see them pray...

The next day my mother and father lovingly told me I was going to get well. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me, and wow did I cry. What ran through my head was what it would feel like if I were to die.
That evening I was visited by two angels who assured me that I would be alright. I was grateful for their visit and slept soundly the rest of the night.

Although it was never said outright, it was obvious that Jenny and her family were depending upon God to help Jenny through her ordeal. Do you think it is important to share God with your children in the event of illness?

Soon Jenny made a friend whose name was Paige...and they had the same have their new friend be healed... 

Don't you want to know what happens! I sure did! Consider this a must-read! Do check it out!


Paul M. Kramer lives in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Maui with his wife Cindy and their son Lukas. Paul was born and raised in New York City.

Mr. Kramer's books attempt to reduce stress and anxiety and resolve important issues children face in their everyday lives. His books are often written in rhyme. They are entertaining, inspirational, educational and easy to read. One of his goals is to increase the child's sense of self worth.

He has written books on various subjects such as bullying, divorce, sleep deprivation, worrying, shyness, and weight issues.

Mr. Kramer has appeared on "Good Morning America," "The Doctors," "CNN Live" as well as several other Television Shows in the United States and Canada. He's been interviewed and aired on many radio programs including the British Broadcasting System and has had countless articles written about his work in major newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

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