Friday, May 15, 2015

Mark Your Schedule for First Week of June - Book Readers Heaven is Spotlight Harold Michael Harvey, Author of Justice in the Round!

Harold Michael Harvey is one of the few people online who I consider a friend...when I've been down, I've even asked him to pray for me... Normally, when you ask for prayers, you don't expect them to do it between you and that individual, at least not online... But, almost immediately, I get a message, with a thoughtful prayer that truly blessed me... You know why I consider Harold a friend? Because I trust him... His online persona is just like his books. I can tell that because of the correlation between his activities as well as his books.

I don't know about you, but nearly everyday when you catch the news on television, somebody is getting murdered... Some of them are being murdered by those who supposedly uphold the law and "keep us safe" But who hasn't seen the videos that are thankfully available these days when one individual is being attacked by one or more law officers. It sickens me to see such violence. But, it turns much worse when it is a black man or woman who is being beaten by white police officers...

Harvey's latest book is a collection of essays on the American jury system. When a lawyer who has been in the courts and has had to deal with the realities of it, an important opportunity is presented. I'm taking that opportunity by spotlighting Justice in the Round during the first week of June. If everything goes right, the first three days will be selected excerpts from the book. Thursday will be my review and Friday will be a one-of-one author interview.

I noticed a picture of B. B. King on Harold's timeline and realized just how much many of us have come to love the music of our Great Black singers, musicians and other artists... We will miss B. B. King, but his music will be with us forever...
Or the many sports stars! 

We can bypass race issues for those why oh  why do we still have such hate and violence in America between blacks and whites? Maybe sharing from this book and talking about it will help in some small way to answer that question...

My first question will be:

How can American negotiate relationships between the United States and other countries, but refuses to negotiate a discussion within our own country about race relations? We all know something needs to be done. Why aren't  those in the right positions in government doing something!??! What needs to be done?

Please feel free during any of those days to add comments or questions to be discussed on Friday, June 5th! 

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