Monday, May 4, 2015

What's Happening at Book Readers Heaven - Finishing a Delightful Month of Poetry...

I was so happy to have the contributions from various writers, sharing their poetry here at Book Readers Heaven to celebration National Poetry Month! A Big thank you to each and every one of the following!  Your sharing on BRH brought in over 21 thousand hits for the month! 

Becket is the personal assistant to international best-sellingauthor ANNE RICE. He has a BA in music composition, an MA in systematic theology, and an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He has been working for Ms. Rice since 2005, and he has spent that time learning from her the craft of writing.
You can find out more about him at

 Adolph (Adolfo) Caso came to America from Italy as a twelve-year-old boy knowing no English. Havng completed sixth grade, he graduated from high school and received degrees from Northeastern and Harvard University in modern languages and literature. A teacher-administrator in the Walthan Public School system, he taught languages and created the Bilingual Department. He is also a retired army officer. He is publisher and Editor of Branden Books.

Oneida Morningstar Cramer was born in Virginia, raised in Maryland, and educated at the University of Maryland, where she earned a doctorate in physiology. A longtime Dallas resident, Cramer has worked as a scientist, homemaker, teacher, journalist, and has held professional and volunteer positions in the field of non-profit arts business. She has been active as a poet and a photographer for many years. This volume is her first published collection of works.

Chandrakant Kaluram Mhatre is a bilingual poet from Maharashtra State of India, writing in English as well as his mother-tongue Marathi. He is a translator of Marathi literature into English and is also a keen researcher of folk culture, language and literature. He teaches English language and literature to undergrads in a Mumbai college and is a native of Navi Mumbai.

Philosopher first. Writer first as well. If one were to ask me “What do you do?”, I would struggle to answer that in just one sentence (or, in fact, at all). In my heart, and at my core, I love entertaining people, and I love to understand things. I would call these my “driving forces”, or my purpose, with “learning” being above “entertaining.” So what I really do is learn. All I do is learn.

A. F. Stewart was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, and still calls it home.  The youngest in a family of seven children, she has always had an overly creative mind and an active imagination. She is fond of good books (especially science fiction/fantasy), action movies, sword collecting, and oil painting as a hobby.
Ms. Stewart is an indie author with several published novellas and story collections in the dark fantasy or horror genres, with a few side trips into poetry and non-fiction. She has a great interest in history and mythology, often working those themes into her books and stories.

Thanks also to those who routinely share their work on uTube which I was able to use to complete the month... Wow...isn't it wonderful how wonderful writings and words can be shared across the world! Check out the videos this past month if you missed them!

I personally am grateful for these writers since, as you may remember, I had fallen last month and during this month it realized that I was having an allergic reaction to a medication that had been increased...Lots of swelling and loss of mobility because of water retention. You know, when you are on a certain medication for many years, sometimes it becomes toxic and that is what happened. Fortunately, I finally figured out which medication it was an immediately weaned myself off ot it. The unfortunate thing was that I had not remembered that my sister had also had the same reaction, only worse, to the same medication! I share this with you all to help spread the word that when something is changed with medications, it is important for you to watch your reactions and if something is happening health-wise, make sure you consider that it could be your meds that is causing the problem!

I have a little more to share but will do that in another article some time soon...
In the meantime, watch for selections from
coming this month...

Want to stop and get back to a book I'm reading right now! Am loving it!

God Bless,

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