Friday, May 15, 2015

Coming Soon! Prince of Conjurers... Something to Prepare You!

Have you read the book? Have you seen The Phantom of the Opera? As a stage performance? or the Movie? Have you heard any of the music?

This is absolutely my favorite of all music performances! I've seen the stage production 3 times in Canada, the movie and of course, the wonderful music...over and over, never satisfied as not needing to hear it ever again...

Laurie L. Bolanos loved The Phantom of the Opera so much that she wrote a sequel to the original work... The Prince of Conjurers

As you know, I try to provide background information on books when it may be needed... What better way to prepare for my review than to ensure that all of my readers, including those in other countries, have had the opportunity to learn of the original story!

So here it is for you! Do take the time to watch and listen to some of the most beautiful music you may ever hear! The story is full of drama, love and a sadness like no other than that of lost love... 

Get prepared and Watch for my review of Prince of Conjurers coming soon!

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