Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Photos and Words from Adolfo In Recognition of Boston Marathon...

Boston Marathon

By Adolph Adolfo Caso

Deep from within the culture of Greece
Thousands of souls have run into my heart
Each carrying a single candle
Whose lights have illuminated
The heavens in our universe—
Alive and throbbing, even though
Four more un-destructible souls
Have been made
To populate my sad heart.

On perusing the artifacts at Copley Square
And reading the words of those surviving,
Either in phrases or graffiti,
I do not read about those
Who thought-up, helped, planned
And executed another criminal disaster
Against an innocence
In the human heart.
Memories stand out on the meaning
Of the Boston Marathon
Shown through
The sandals left behind by those who walked it,
The sneakers left behind by those who ran it, and,
The wheel chairs left behind by those who drove it
To show that life is precious--
To be cherished rather than to be destroyed.

The Marathon is a representation
Of days coming together
With people from all over the world
Of every race, culture and creed
Competing with the sole object
Of finishing,
Together as one,
As if the human race were one Great Spirit
Growing without dimensions or time--
Like water
That should run
Into the oceans of our hearts.

 Come, pick up a cap,
And watch the runners compete against themselves;
Choose a pair of sneakers and run with me,
However short the distance may be;
Better still,
Take over any wheel chair
And give the people of your world
A heritage of triumphant life
Instead of pre-determined death!

Adolfo Caso, 
Friend, Author, Photographer, Poet, Publisher
is a regular contributor to
Book Reader's Heaven...

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