Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Talanov Insider News! Heeeeeeee's Coming Soon! Want to Be an Insider Too! Sign Up Now!

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Want to be a Talanov Insider?

Author James Houston Turner announces that the new Talanov website (http://www.talanov.info/) is coming soon. Included on the site will be a list of quotes made by various readers, authors and bloggers. The quotes will be about Talanov himself rather than a specific book, so if you would like to submit a comment for inclusion, please email it to me or post it on Talanov's Facebook page, which you can do by clicking HERE.
Here are some examples of comments already made: "Dark, sexy hero for the new millennium" (national bestselling author, Jordan Dane); "The most memorable character we've come to know" (Ehsan Ehsani, The Mystery Tribune);"Sexy ... dangerous ... tantalizing" (Abigail Ortlieb); "A modern-day knight" (Daniel Cann); "A wonderful character"(Rick Koster, The Dallas Morning News); "Bond meets Bourne" (John Solomon, Chopin vodka); "Aleksandr Talanov can eat crackers in my bed anytime" (Gloria Foster).
I would love to add your quote to this list, so please reflect on your impressions of our guy and either post or send me a comment.

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