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Jennifer Chase's Latest Fine--But Wait for the Book Version!

Dead Burn: 
An Emily Stone Novel:

Jennifer Chase's Emily Stone character made me a fan from her first book, Compulsion. If you haven't read her yet, check out my reviews for those books linked above that I've been able to fit in to my schedule. Now, the bad first. The Kindle version has many errors. Not knowing enough about the creation of this process yet, I'm just passing that on for those who "refuse" to be burdened with overlooking typos. Now the book was also double-spaced, which bothered me more than the errors. With double-spacing, there are very few words on one page...and it's bothersome to have to "touch every screen" to read on... {The good and the bad of Kindle for hi-volume readers!}

There is one major serial killer as the main villain in Dead Burn. I personally am still bothered when a psychopath has been so perverted against religion by somebody in his life, that he turns into a crusader and kills to "save" souls. If that's giving too much away, I'm sorry, but I think some people will want to know this when choosing to read this novel. Especially, when he not only identifies and kills the guilty, but all those related to him/her. 

Chase is a criminologist as well as writer and I don't know how many religious-oriented murders actually occur, but it certainly catches the attention of most readers--maybe that is irrelevant in writing books, but I think that it can affect sales. I probably wouldn't have wanted to read this one, mainly because there is usually no possible salvation for psychopaths it seems.

Still when he set out to kill a lawyer that was so wickedly smooth that he routinely got rapists and serial killers off...well, I have to admit that was alright with me...LOL

Chad tried not to inhale too deeply as his stomach churned the more he thought about the snaking filth all around him. He hoped that the interior of the building was clean and sanitary, as he unconsciously wrinkled his nose and pursed his lips tightly together. He made his way around to the back of the building, carefully examining each step inorder not to soil his Italian, handmade loafers. A metal door caught his eye. It led directly to the alley and it appeared strangely out of place. The doorknob glistened bright silver, sparkling clean, without smudges or fingerprints. It imbibed the late sunlight and expelled a star shadow trail with long sliver points, reflecting around the alley.The high-tech door stood out against the run down building. There were no available windows, just more disintegrating pieces of plywood bolted onto the building, layer after layer, from the years of neglect.Chad swallowed hard as his mouth went dry, licking his lips in nervous tension. He blinked his eyes several times to try to stop the slight dizziness that crept into his view. It made the door and the crumbling building vie for his attention.He stared at the doorknob for what seemed like an hour, but in reality, barely five seconds had passed. Finally, with his right hand, he reached for the grip and twisted. It turned easily in his grasp...
“Okay, you can come out now.” He didn’t care that his voice sounded nervous.
“Mr. Bradford” A calm man’s voice with disturbing clarity filled the room.
Chad spun around, but there wasn’t anyone in the room with him. The voice seemed to materialize from nowhere, and yet everywhere.
“Mr. Bradford, do you know why you’re here?”
“What is this? Who are you?” He kept turning slowly expecting to see someone enter, but no one did.
“It’s your sentencing.”
“What? I don’t understand…”
“You have sinned and now you must pay the price.”

The most enjoyable part of the book for me was the "disagreement" between Emily and her lover, Rick...and the stolen kiss by Jordan, another of her work partners who is in love with Emily. It was noted that she didn't quickly push him away. Point being: Emily holds a grudge--good for her...LOL I do too!
“Humble as well as beautiful.” Jordan said with a serious tone. Emily shifted her weight slightly and wasn’t sure what she felt at that exact moment. Even with the sarcasm and wisecracking, Jordan was handsome, intelligent and capable. He understood her point of view with crime and her undeniable passion to hunt down killers..
“I… I don’t know if that is entirely accurate.” Emily feebly replied. Jordan moved closer to her. Emily didn’t object or move away. Jordan slipped his right hand around her back and pulled her close. He leaned in slowly and gently kissed her on the lips.. .
Emily felt warm and safe as the dire circumstances dissolved from her perspective. Her body relaxed as she enjoyed the soft kiss from Jordan. It didn’t shock her that he took advantage of their moment alone after a stressful encounter. She was surprised that he was such a great kisser, gentle but firm and commanding...


And then there was the assassin and the semi-governmental agency! This interesting and cool character had been watching Emily and, although he had no real ability as a sociopath to care about somebody, he did come to respect her as a professional. What he did made the whole book for me.... Let me know if you agree!

I have to say that, given the selection of the cover as a winner, plus the problems inside, I would not recommend the Kindle version of this book...but, hey, I'll still recommend it--just get the book! LOL!



Jennifer Chase holds a bachelor degree in police forensics and a master's degree in criminology. Her intense curiosity in the psychological aspect of crime is what drives her to write crime fiction. She lives in California, where she's currently at work on her next book in the series. For more information, please visit

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