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Seeking Dr. Magic by Scott Spotson will Provide Fun, Excitement and More to YAs and Adults Both!

Seeking Dr. Magic
By Scott Spotson

"Just then, out of the corners of his eyes, he saw a reporter pick up his mobile phone and speak into it. Herfield was annoyed. He didn't approve of interruptions caused by mobile devices during organized events, attributing such behavior to unfortunate habits newly developed by the younger generation...
"The first image they saw was a grainy close-up of what appeared to be a ninja clad in a black outfit, standing on top of a building...They were fixated on the image of the solitary figure on top of the building, precariously situated close to the edge. Suddenly, the character deliberately leapt up, tucking his legs in. Throughout the room, everyone gave a short utterance of surprise, shocked. They saw the figure do one flip, then he disappeared from range. The clip then zoomed down several stories, so fast that they were unable to count how many. But it seemed like anywhere from five to ten.
"Then some yelled, "He's going to jump again!"
"Even before the speaker finished, they watched as the rigure jmpted up impossibly fast, as if in a blur. The figure once again left the range of the screen...
only to disappear...
"...in St. Petersburg, Russia, Cape Town, Africa, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil..."

Was it a hoax, magic, or, as some claimed, aliens from outer space... They had jumped off of buildings, jumped back to the top...and disappeared! If a few had not caught them on their phones, there would have been no proof that these events all over the world had occurred...

It had begun during the time of former FBI Special Agent Tony Hetfield's announcement to the press that he was retiring and starting his own private investigation agency...

So, to regain a little of the buzz that had been generated around the world, Tony put up a notice, flying it over the city, that he was seeking to meet with Dr. Magic.

Now Tony had spent quite a bit of time gathering the details of what had happened and through his normal logical review of the facts had determined that there had to be one super human being who was behind everything that had been occurring! And he wanted to meet with him!

Of course, just by "naming" the responsible individual, he had moved one step forward in gaining the needed recognition to get clients coming to him...

But, would this super human being be willing to meet him?
"He [Hetfield] felt he had made significant
progress. At times, his research was so exciting,
he had trouble compelling himself to sleep at
in his hotel room. Oftentimes, we would wake
up in the middle of the night, and go onto his
wireless computer--secured through passwords
and encryption--and follow up on a detail he'd
thought of during a failed attempt at sleep..."

Let's just say that, yes, they did meet...and the next thing everybody was doing was trying to rescue Tony Hetfield from hanging upside down on a bungee rope in another city! If you want to actually see what this would have been like, there's a vid below...but Tony had known nothing about taking such a jump, of course, but awoke hanging upside down, moving up and down...and scared!

Fun, right?!

But no matter how much magic you can do--can you beat an experienced law officer who, once challenged, knows exactly what to do to investigate everything you might ever need to know to find somebody?

While Dr. Magic will thrill the teens and adults who see super-heros as somebody who represents, perhaps, a role model, those of us who enjoy a good mystery will gravitate to Tony's character as he uses his intellect to wade through what is actually happening. But, most of all, for me, what I want to emphasize is that there is action, adventure, and so much to watch as these two pit their individual skills and expertise against each other (with some danger but no real violence)!

Who will win? Or will anybody win with brain versus brawn with lots of magical backup!

A thoroughly enjoyable book, just over 200 pages, that is quickly read, but will leave readers with a smile, an awareness that, perhaps, magic does exist in the world and, maybe, one day, we might even meet Dr. Magic! You should feel free to share Dr. Magic for the enjoyment of those, say, 12 and above... Highly recommended!


"There were now scenes of brightly colored men and women, dressed in tights, running amok through the city streets. The caption below read: Montreal, Canada. This time, the quality of the images was better, but still appeared to be taken by a bystander using a mobile device. About eight men and women, decked out in red, orange, green, and blue stripes, were agilely running over cars that had been stalled in traffic, as bewildered drivers stared out through the windows. The nimbleness of the provocateurs surprised Hetfield. They seemed to each leap eight, ten feet of distance on the ground with ease, not requiring a massive take-off. They ran very fast--without effort. Hetfield stared at one car. The car, including the windshield, was all covered with hues of red, orange, green and blue stripes, same as those on the darting figures...
"These are the Rainbow Seekers. At each scene, they leave cards stating the name Rainbow Seekers and a fake phone number."
Once again, they disappeared and nobody could find anything to prove they were there!

Scott Spotson is a novelist who excels in imagining scenes of intrigue and adventure within ordinary lives while daydreaming, then pulls together various plots to create a compelling story. He likes to invent “what if?” scenarios, for example, what if I could go back to my university days, and what would I do differently? What if I could switch bodies with friends I am jealous of, like the guy who sold his software for millions of dollars and does whatever he pleases? What if I had the power to create clones of myself to do my bidding? Scott then likes to mentally insert himself into these situations, then plot a way to “get out” back to reality. This is how “Life II” and “Seeking Dr. Magic” were born, within weeks of each other. He’s still working on dreaming up a situation where he gets to smash a pie in the face of his boss, with no justification whatsoever – how to get out of that one?

Scott loves to travel and is partial to the idea of spending extended vacation at ski resorts up in the mountains. You know, the one like in the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” where the view is breathtaking, there’s an outdoors hot tub facing a pristine snow covered mountain, and one can warm up inside on a bear skin in front of a huge cobblestone fireplace, sitting on a circular wooden bench fitted with animal pelts and sipping at a mango and pineapple smoothie mixed with a touch of grenadine – okay, he’s getting too carried away!

Scott has visited Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, France, Mexico, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, and Hong Kong.

As can be deduced from the beginning of “Life II,” Scott loves brain teasers.
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