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Carole Nelson Douglas's Midnight Louie in Cat In An Ultramarine Scheme - NOT Just Another Review...

Ma Barker leads a feral cat gang!
"You two roadkill bums can forget
drooling over anything you see," Ma
Barker growls. "This is my gang's 
territory and you are trespassing. I
can scar your behinds with my initials
and give you a sex-change operation
before either one of your drifters can
muster a rusty shiv..."

Three O'Clock Louie...
"Did I sire something with kitty litter
for brains? With the eyesight of a bat?
The mental acuity of a hedgehog? The
arrogance of a hedge-fund manager?
Great Bast, help me boy. You are a
detective like I am a Fig Newton!
Open your eyes and your mind..."

"Elder Care is Such a Drag..."
Meet the Family!
The Cat Pack...
Midnight Louie Star Character!
"Great Bast, son! You sound like one of
those boring talking human heads on the
nightly news. Forget the philosophy.
When do I lose the loser? I already gave
him the first heave-ho ages ago.
"It is trying to hear one's sire discussed
in such scathing terms. I fluff up my
ruff and get to the point... Ma..."

Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme
Midnight Louie! I'm so happy to have you visit today! And you have all of your family with you in this complex mystery by Carole Nelson Douglas. Can't wait to hear more about it! Give us all the inside scoop about Temple, especially... will she ever get with just one man?!!!
Maybe Daughter--Midnight Louise
"Hurry up, Pops." Miss Louise is nagging
from ahead of me, like Charlie Chan's
number-one son.
"Fact is, I cannot...!
"Fine for a sylph like Miss Midnight
Louise through when she is all of nine
pounds soaking wet..."

By Carole Nelson Douglas

"The Circle Ritz, like all fifties-vintage construction, was
cramped by modern room-size standards, especially in the
tiny, tile-lined bathrooms, only a bathtub wide, both of them.
Still, Temple loved her petite living quarters. It was like living
in a luxurious dollhouse surviving past its time. The thought of
forsaking it for another place, for a freestanding house, made
her a little sad...
"Maybe Temple was finally growing up, not just getting older
and wiser.
"She scratched Louie's tummy until he yawned to display his
vast pink maw lined with white teech and started purring
like a Volkswagen motor.
"Nobody who knew her would reject her..."
You know, I don't like to brag, but I've been around the cat mystery circuit for quite some time and I've even had to start my own PI biz...

Yeah, my yet-to-be-accepted daughter and I work together in the investigations, but I've not yet been willing to claim her as daughter and full partner. After all, she's the one doing the claiming and who knows where she came from? If you know anything about we cats, and Midnight Louie in particular, you know we've had our share of fun, but mostly my choices have gone toward the more exotic dames, if you've read us before, you know who I mean! And I have no real interest in seeing the opposite of "me" when I'm lookin' for a little lovin'...ya' know!

Yep! I'm still living at the Circle Ritz with my main gal Temple. Guess what? She's engaged to be married! But I'm still holding my breath. Max had disappeared again and was thought to be dead. But then, during this story, she learned that he may not be dead, and she went out into the dangerous club, the Neon Nightmare, where it is known the Synth headquarters are probably located! Alone!

But, of course, she wasn't alone for long... When she thinks she's going through spider webs, tickling her legs, you would think, by now, after all these years, that she would automatically think of cat fur rather than spiders, don't you think?!! And a good thing we got there to get her out of a dangerous situation!
Anyway, if you're reading this novel, you're probably a fan, right?! Thanks so much for following us 'cause I was thinking today that our stories, our lives were getting very complicated, if you don't already know us. So, just to bring you a little background. Temple Barr is the main character, my roomie, who is a PR rep for a local luxury Las Vegas hotel. She's been in love on again and off with two guys--a magician and an ex-priest! Imagine... Neither one are in town at the moment, so that's why I called in assistance because so much is happening... 

Her "fiance" is just out of town working, but Max was really hurt in that accident you've probably read about! Main thing now is that he has amnesia and is now in Ireland, following the roots of Kitty the Cutter...Yikes! Is she really dead?!

See I told ya, you really need to become our fans to get to know all of us...but, really, each story has a main murder mystery so you'll still have fun trying to solve the case--or in this story, cases! 

The first body was found by my ole man and would you believe that they had a pic of him saying he was a cannibal and was chewing on the body...NOT! Besides it was only the leg bones sticking up because the feet had been places in concrete for burial in the lake...Yep, that was a very cold case from the old days when the mob was in town...He'd been living with the Glory Hole Gang at the Three O'Clock Restaurant, named for him, but the lake dried up...literally...and that's when the local cats found the...legs... 

Then they found the magician in the underground vault? Who knew who he was, except that he was probably part of the Synth, the local magicians group... but why would they put a body in the vault? But while that investigation is going on, let me tell you what my Miss Temple and her bosses are up to! They're building a Mob Museum and an underground "Chunnel of Crime" that will connect two hotels and not only use old movies, but will center in on the local crime bosses like the Glory Hole Gang, who will have their own restaurant (Cool, right?) and our local ghost in residence, Jersey Joe Jackson! There's lots more being planned which you'll have fun visualizing, especially on the test ride in the Chunnel! Why, the old Pack Rat started with Frank and Humphrey Bogart, who were always chummy with the crime lords...

Now I just had to sit back and enjoy the climax (and surprise) at the end! Because my Miss Temple didn't have a clue about what was going to happen in either situation! And that's saying something because she's always the one who is involved in solving the murders. Her face in the Chunnel Car was just too much to keep me from laughing, even though everything was so noisy and we were in the midst of nailing the killer! Seriously, when somebody gets something over on my Miss Temple, you just know that it's an exciting event.
But, heck, all I could think about when she got that final call... Here we go again...

Hope you enjoyed meeting my family...Ma's a little off-color being out with her gang, but if everything the Fontana Family has planned goes right, then we'll be seeing a lot more of what you might call, The Cat Pack... Hey, Everybody! Thanks for stopping by...and maybe we'll be back at Book Reader's Heaven sometime in the future! Until then, check me out anywhere you see the name, Carole Nelson Douglas...and my special page at the end of each novel!

Midnight Louie

Carole Nelson Douglas is the author of the bestselling Midnight Louis series, which includes Cat in an Ultramarine Scheme, Cat in a Topaz Tango, Cat in a Sapphire Slipper, and many more. She is also the author of a series of historical suspense novels featuring Irene Adler, the only women ever to have "outwitted" Sherlock Holmes. Douglas resides in Fort Worth, Texas.

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