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Heather Graham's Latest Begins Series Set in New Orleans! Love New Characters!

Let the Dead Sleep
"She was speaking inanely. Anything. She refused to accept
that his life was slipping away. And then...
"Angus Cafferty sat bolt upright, gazing at her. His snow-white
hair was mussed and wild; his sky-blue eyes settled on her
"Lass, so late, too late! I should have spoken to you about this
so many times, so long ago. I'd thought...I'd thought I'd wait
until you got to the age of thirty, never thinking this could come
so quick upon me. Just a few more years...just a few to leave you
in a normal life, to know innocence--I was a fool, I have let you
down, but you hear me now, Danni, please, hear me now! You
mustn't sell the shop. You must never sell the shop. It's our lot
in life, that's what it is, and one that matters in a manner most
dire.  Ah, girl, what have I done? Wanting all to be safe and
serene for you..." He leaned toward her, gripping her hand so
hard that it hurt, but he was alive and touching her and she
couldn't cry out...No! Ye canna sell the store! And the book,
lass, you must read the book. Never doubt what you see or
hear, never fear for your sanity or that of the world--turn to
the book. The answers are in the book and it will bring you
through heaven and hell and all realms in between. Do you
heare me, lass, do you hear me? Ah, I love you, Dannie my girl,..
The book...The Book of Truth...
A Cafferty and
 Guinn Novel

By Heather Graham

I read author Heather Graham as often as I can, and I had to laugh when I checked out my last review for Nightwalker, which I then called my favorite from her... You guessed it, I was about to say the same thing for her latest! BUT, instead I'll start by talking about the characters, Cafferty and Guinn--they are certainly worthy of a following! Check out Graham's announcement for the series on her blog!

"He glanced over at Danni. She was pale and quiet
and once again sodden. She had the unique ability
to somehow look beautiful in such a state. Maybe
it was more than beautiful; she had an air about
her that was almost beyond anything carnal. Then
again, he hadn't felt that way when he's watched
her while they were dancing to the voodoo drums.
"He'd felt entirely carnal then.
"He gave himself a mental shake. Yes, indeed, she
was proving herself to be Angus's daughter at
every turn.
"It had just been a hell of a lot easier and more
straightforward to work with Angus..."
Danni Cafferty has just inherited an antique shop from her father. What she doesn't know is that she's inherited much, much more! There were many such shops in the French Quarter, but this shop was known for "taking/accepting things that could not be offered to others..." And her father had known what to do with them... Danni did not...

So when Michael Quinn shows up there, thinking she would at least know of him and his involvement with her father, he was somewhat shocked to learn that she had never heard of him.
Fortunately, a long-time assistant of her father was able to speak on his behalf!

But they didn't have time to get to know each other now; they had a job! A widow had rushed into the shop and demanded that they come and remove a statue. The statue had already killed her husband and she feared for her own life. Of course, Danni did not understand why she had come there rather than to the police! "Oh, you stupid, stupid girl!" Mrs. Simon had cried. Finally, to calm her, Danni agreed to come see the statue...

But by the time that Danni and Quinn went to visit, they found her dead, hanging by a rope...The searched everywhere, but the statue was gone. They did find where a window had been broken, the statue apparently stolen...

Quinn had once been a cop before he became a private investigator. He had partnered with Jake Larue and he, fortunately, came to the scene... He was also at the scene when they later found the thief of the bust...also now dead...

When Danni returned to the shop and, in particular, her studio, it was then that she knew that something was happening to her... Her last painting of a woman had been envisioned rather than created as a portrait. The woman was Mrs. Simon, a woman she had never seen or met before she had come into the shop that morning!

She began to search on the internet and slowly began to find information... The bust was of Pietro Giovanni Miro who had murdered many people... The bust was beautiful, made of marble in typical Roman style. The eyes were strange, though, seeming to watch you... It had been placed in a New Orleans cemetery to protect others, but had been stolen...

And each time it was stolen, or even touched, the individual died...

"Wait! Natasha said. She slipped a hand
into the pocket of her skirt and brought
forth a handful of medallions on chains...
"Saint Michael," Natasha explained.
"The patron saint of protection. And your
namesake, Quinn. Wear these...In voodoo,
a lot is taken from the Catholic Church,
so you needn't think these are just
tourist souvenirs!"
"You're already wearing Saint Michael's
medaals. No finer saint with whome to
battle evil!"
"He came back down to them, his gray eyes
serious. "I bless you," he said, "in the
name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy
Ghost." He drew crosses on their foreheads
and then slipped small crosses into their
hands... Your belief will protect you..."
This is NOT a treasure hunt, although it definitely is a provocative chase that moves swiftly, leaving bodies behind... With Quinn and Cafferty trying to plan ahead how they may be able to find it! And to do this, Billy stayed in the shop to keep watch...but Danni had first gone to Natasha, the voodoo priestess for guidance and then Quinn wanted to visit also. But he didn't seek supernatural guidance, he wanted her help in identifying names they had found in the Simon home--the Priestess was firmly entrenched in the city and probably could help.

In the midst of all that they were doing, Quinn also contacted a local priest of the Catholic Church...And it was the five of them that planned how they could infiltrate a ceremony that was to be held...where they learned that the Statue would be found...

Paranormal evil finds the humans necessary to take on all that he
wants...Watch what happens as a statue travels from place to place, seeking those with whom he can...commune...

Spooky with great adventure for this new couple who are
struggling to understand their new relationship and still fight evil!
Scary good! Highly recommended!


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham has written more than a hundred novels. She's a winner of the RWA's Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Thriller Writers' Silver Bullet. She is an active member of International Thriller Writers and Mystery Writers of America. For more information, check out her websites:,, and You can also find Heather on Facebook.

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