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Wow! Carl Lee's Futuristic World Calls To Me! You Too?

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"Supplies continually dipped below demand. Governments at
first used rationing for short periods to equal things out.
"During this time, the space program approved building
spacecraft with Dupes. The expectation was that someone 
would figure out how to make the Dupe work as a transporter, memory intact, before the ships arrived at their
"The whole project took on a feverish pitch. Dupe parts were
whisked away as needed to ensure launches took place when
scheduled. To those in charge of the project, they represented port belly and became priority...
"Unprecedented, the space program moved. New facilities went up with eyesight of several of the Dupes. Plans to secure the Dupes with fortifications were given the go ahead...
"There was no way to make something from nothing. When the Dupes ran out of raw material, they asked those waiting for food to bring it in exchange. In no time, the vegetation for miles around was hacked to the ground and fed to the Dupe.
"It was at that time Douglas Fairbanks stepped up to the plate and declared he was in charge of all Dupes...

A Stone's Throw Away

By Carl Lee

I love what writers are doing these days to get readers involved with their work. For instance, on finishing the last page of Lee's novel, he immediately invites his readers to join a group, by the same name as the title, at a community site called Gather. Which, of course, I did. Right now I don't know what's going to happen next, except that Lee wants participation in how the sequel goes...

And I definitely have some ideas about that and am an enthusiast on the potential of computers and other futuristic electronics. I have to immediately
Brian Oberkirch - ValleyWag Correspondent
Brian Oberkirch - ValleyWag Correspondent (Photo credit: hyku)
"It happened without warning.
Brian signed into his email and opened
 the last one he had received. It was
from Sandy and addressed to everyone at the Research
Center. This was common and came as no surprise.
 What was a surprise was the subject of the email
 was Brian...
An announcement, it stated he had completed
his apprenticeship and would receive his first project...

say that this author "Wowed" me with his story! If you, too, are caught up in "what ifs", then you've got to consider this a must-read!Now I'll quickly point out that I wondered about the first couple of chapters as we listen to a professor ramble...but you'll quickly notice something:
There are very few students...
The students are all boys...
The professor is a man...
They live in some type of compound which is enclosed...

What you will soon realize is that this is Earth: Reclaimed...

Eventually all the food was gone, and people died of starvation or died fighting for food...But don't spend time assuming that this is the thrust of the story...Not!

When the people died, that doesn't mean that all of the technology was destroyed. In fact, there have been many advancements and those of you, like me, who grew up with Star Trek, will realize that all the things that happened on the ship had to have been first invented through, perhaps, very drastic conditions.

Douglas Fairbanks
Douglas Fairbanks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In fact, a man living at that time, Douglas Fairbanks, {who looked amazingly like his ancestor -my add! LOL) took control of a crumbling civilization...and began to make decisions that would lead to survival. Now, I am going to do a giveaway because there really is no way to avoid coming to know this immediately. Fairbanks happened to be gay; he mandated that there would be only men in this new, advanced world.

Now stop and think how that will be possible... Of course, a machine has been invented that can duplicate humans...

In fact, everything that is needed for human life must be "duped" and these machines are highly guarded and privileges for duplication is earned via your work career, which is negotiated or decided for you as you leave school...Ok, that's the backstory...

Brian had just graduated along with his friends. All of them discovered that it was suggested that they had a high aptitude for "child rearing..." Pete was his one friend who took that path. Danny and Brian both knew they were not cut out for that, so either working in research or maintenance were the only other choices. Both took research.

Danny and Brian had been best friends, but when Danny suggested that they find a home together, Brian knew he wasn't ready for that type of relationship. Then Brian finished his apprenticeship first and Danny began to work with another student... Soon Brian was seeking to leave the research center. Danny had hurt him and he wanted to leave! He met Ivan, was sexually harassed, and...soon began an apprenticeship with Henry. Brian was getting his first wish--to learn how to fly!

And that's when it all started!

One of the tragic events was that on one of the runs, Henry was attacked by a predator! It seems that Fairbanks hadn't done anything about the animals, and they had taken over much of the earth...any individual who was not in one of the enclosed areas was in danger!

There is no way I'm giving any more of this away, except to say that Brian is a genius...Just imagine what a genius could accomplish with a Dupe! LOL! Wow, This is a very cool book with so much futuristic happenings that you'll start "drooling" to get your hands on a Dupe! LOL! I loved it...and I can't wait to watch and maybe help a little as Carl Lee writes the sequel! Carl, You've got a winner here! Imaginative, Creative, Fantastic Visionary...Keep Going...I can see a series in this one...


Meet Carl Lee at Gather.Com...Join Group A Stones Throw Away!

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  1. Thanks Glenda for all you do to support the literary arts.

  2. I need to revisit the group on gather. The book sounds so great--I really enjoyed reading excerpts as it grew. Such a cool premise.