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Weekend Marathon of Reading Mary Metcalfe - Watch for Reviews of Trilogy!

Winds of Change

Sadly, this excerpt is no longer true...
"In his hotel room, Ben glanced at the bedside clock, I need
to get my act in gear. He threw back the covers. Finally, I can
check out. He grinned when he realized his his thinking had
changed. Just weeks ago I was beyond grateful to be in a hotel.
I must be ready to settle down if I'm thinking a hotel is boring.
I can't believe I actually want to move into Gord's condo, he
shook his head, scratched his head and grinned at himself in
the bathroom mirror. The furnished condo overlooking the
harbor belonged to a journalist buddy out on assignment. He'd
offered to pay rent but Gord said it was just going to sit empty.
Might as well keep it occupied. Works for me, Ben thought
and set himself up for a steaming shower.
"He was soon hailing a cab over to the studio to pick up the
keys. He was still getting used to the pulse of Boston and
being in a city where suicide bombers were unknown..."

By Mary Metcalfe

Spending a weekend with a delightful series is a wonderful vacation! Mary Metcalfe gives us lots of romance with a little suspense in each novel, but there is no doubt that she's created a set of characters with whom you will immediately feel at home. You might think about how your own family expands through marriage, births, joys and deaths but, so far, there is mostly love... It was soooo refreshing to enjoy the mutual attraction of a couple and watch it develop into something more...

Especially when it is happening in one family--and for the second time around...

In Winds of Change, three first marriages were lost through death...

Jennifer Barrett lost her husband and child in an accident. She works as a social worker who is just now trying to rebuild her life. I enjoyed how she seemed to blossom when she started a new relationship... While Lana Fitzpatrick was a nurse who worked at the senior home. She had a son Danny who you will soon come to love, as did the whole cast, LOL! And when Danny gets with Jennifer's dog, fun is all around!

"How are you now?"
"A lot better than I was even a month ago. I realize
now I was completely burned out. At least now I
don't walk around looking up for snipers but I still
feel more comfortable with my back to the wall in
restaurants. Just coming back, resting, exercising,
and eating properly has made a huge difference. I
feel like I'm standing on firm ground that isn't
to blow up when I least expect it...
"There are some places that are just too dangerous
to send in a journalist...
"Journalists aren't safe any more. I know some
who've been attacked and beaten up by mobs.
There was a case of a print reporter who had his
hands hacked at with a knife. They were trying
to prevent him from sending in his stories.
Female journalists have been raped."
Ben and Mark Powell have been estranged for many years. Mark had lived with his mother when she and Ben got divorced. It was Mark, then, who was his mother's only caregiver as she developed and died from cancer...

Ben is an internationally known journalist who has broadcasted from all parts of the world, but who could not face his son when his mother died...and went back to work soon after. After PTSD claimed him, he had decided to retire and when he reunites with his son, who has also suffered from severe depression, they tread carefully to try to build a relationship.

And it's all happening in Boston! At Brentwood's seniors residence...Jennifer's father lives there as an Alzheimer patient, but his mind for early memories abound and when Jennifer recommends one of her clients for a groundskeeper position, she is thrilled with an idea for the residents to be involved in gardening is approved, started, and that her father is soon guiding others through his knowledge!

One other character is Carol, Jennifer's best friend, who is always having man troubles, but this time, we get to watch it turn into a criminal investigation, when Ben, with his nose for truth versus lies, announces that there is something phony about Carol's latest!

I've purposely not given any info on the hookups that evolve in the book, so you'll enjoy those occasions as much as I did!

As some of you know, I have an interest in spotlighting what stress is doing to many of us. Mark suffered by feeling and being alone, seeing his mother suffer and die from cancer. Ben felt his audience needed to know what was happening in the world and so worked too hard and too long, traveling to too many dangerous places until he just could not go on...

I believe there are many who do not realize that what they feel is actually based upon the stress in their lives and that if it is not realized, it can mean death...I applaud this author for not only spotlighting but covering two different reasons by which your life can be instantly, or over a long time, changed in a dramatic way.

Aside from that, this is a great romantic tale that has little sexual details, but is full of what is most important in finding someone with whom to share your life. Definitely a contemporary women's story, but with much to offer men as well! Sit back and enjoy this one...Tomorrow will be New Beginnings as the family drama increases!


Originally from the Toronto-Hamilton area of Ontario, Canada, Mary moved to Ottawa to study journalism and fell in love with the region. Shortly after graduating, she met and fell in love with her soul mate.
In addition to being a full-time novelist, Mary edits memoirs, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. She's adopted the moniker Lakefront Muse to reflect (pardon the pun) her love of living by a small lake and gaining inspiration from nature in her rural surroundings. While her novels are set in or near Boston, she lives in the foothills of the Laurentians in Quebec, Canada.
Please visit Mary on her blog at for weekly interviews with authors from around the world and musings about writing and publishing in general.
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