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Jamie Freveletti Creates Suspenseful, Surprising Action-Packed Trip to Bermuda Triangle...

Map of the Bermuda Triangle
"Emma didn’t know what to say, but his words sent doubt through her. That Marwell was so certain they’d meet up with some creature that he’d arranged for a weapon made the danger all that more real. She shook off the feeling. She had one hundred people depending on her back at the lab to collect the mineral, and she didn’t believe for a moment that a sea monster lived in the blue holes. Whatever was there was physical and quantifiable and she expected it to be explained by science. Nonetheless, she wouldn’t scoff at Marwell. The world was filled with wonder, and even the things that science explained often awed her...The engines seized and the cruiser gave a violent lurch. Emma flew sideways and hit the opposite side with her back. Carrow slid across the deck and slammed into the cooler. The engines whined and their gears clanged. “Sounds like a rod is stuck in them,” Carrow said. Emma, on her knees now, scrambled back to the aft section. Carrow joined her to peer over the transom at the engines. The water behind the boat was black and churning, but the cruiser didn’t move. It was as if something was holding them in place, trying to pull them underwater. Emma tried to see what was obstructing the engines, but the oily, dark water reduced the visibility. The boat gave another violent lurch, the stern shuddered, and the rear of the boat started to lower into the whirlpool that was forming. 
“We’re sinking,” Carrow said.
Dead Asleep
By Jamie Freveletti

This is my first read for Jamie Freveletti, but not my last. I immediately was impressed with her leading lady for the series, Emma Caldridge, a chemist who owns a new, struggling business in her field of expertise, but also is a freelance operative for Darkview, a private security group about which I am sure there is lots more to know! It turns out for this story, she acts in both positions!

But that is not surprising since Voodoo was involved!

Actually, it includes much more, but Freveletti does a great job in molding everything together, creating a wild thriller which will keep you involved almost on each page!

“That, Mr. Carrow, is an understatement,” she said.
He once again offered her the bottle.
She took hold of it and downed another swallow
without bothering to clean the neck.
This one was even better.
She felt a pleasant buzz begin,
and even looking at the dead rooster didn’t seem so
awful. “Is your problem a chemical one?”
“You could say that.” Emma was getting a bit frustrated.
“Why don’t you just spell it out for me?”
He took a deep breath. “My drummer fell asleep.”
She shrugged. “And?” “And hasn’t woken up.
For over twenty-four hours.”
“Mr. Carrow . . .” “And if you’ve heard anything about
Rex Rain, you’ve heard the party stories,
I’m sure.” Emma had heard the stories about
Rex Rain and their legendary drug use.
Some of the more fantastic tales involved satanic ritual
and devil worship. She’d always dismissed
the tabloid reports as gossip of the worst type.
“Well the stories are, for the most part, true,”
Carrow said. “I don’t believe that.” Carrow looked
“You don’t?” “Satanic ritual and selling your soul
to the devil for a number one hit? Nope.
Don’t believe it.” He smiled.
“Okay, well maybe that story
isn’t true, but Martin has been known to visit
mediums and conduct séances.
In fact we have a famous medium staying at the villa
right now. He also loves using the Ouija board.”
Carrow took a deep breath. “But honestly,
I don’t think I’ve ever seen him sleep this long.
I’ve seen him pass out, mind you,
but I don’t think I’ve seen him actually sleep...”
“You’d be better off calling Terra Cay’s doctor.
I presume there’s one on the island?”
“I’d rather you come. There’s a pile of powder
in the room that I can’t identify.”
The noise of the engine grew louder.
“Worried that the doctor will identify it
and then he’ll be busted?”
Carrow nodded. “That’s definitely part of it.
We’re here to party for the holiday, of course,
but also to record. I can’t afford to have him
hauled to the mainland to face charges,
but if I knew what it was, I’d just sweep it
under the rug and call the doctor.
What bothers me is that I don’t.”
He gave her a pointed look.
“And you can believe that I’ve seen it all
before, so if I don’t recognize it, it must be
real trouble..."
Emma was on a search for minerals that would help to reduce the aging process, but quite a number of people were opposed to her activities! First, she's traveled to a remote island that is right in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle...

And the minerals she's looking for are from what is called the blue holes, which is a place that none of the island residents will visit--you got it, there is some type of monster in the holes that pulls boats to the bottom!

Actually, readers never do discover what phenomenon  happens--all part of the Bermuda Triangle mystique, of course. But it certainly is something there since we see it capture first the boat on which Emma is working...and then the boat from which a killer is after her!

His name is Joseph--but he's not the first man who chases Emma and that man is a lot more scarier since he's holding a machete, his eyes focus toward the sky, and he can only move if told exactly what to do! And he has a wicked priestess controlling him...

Of course, neither one of these men are the man who is truly responsible for wanting her dead!

Because in addition to using the minerals from the blue holes for makeup, someone has already used the material to make something that is harmful--and mercenaries from all over the world want that new product!

Now if that wasn't enough, let me tell you that this island is inhabited by many very rich people. One of them is a rock musician who purchased the island under a different name in order to enjoy it in seclusion. But when he came to visit Emma, needing her professional help, she was immediately caught off guard...

Having heard the rumors about Rex Rain, she knew they were all into drugs and drinking. But when the leader said he had never seen the powder that was on the table near one of his band members, who had been asleep for over 24 hours, she knew she had to help!

And that was the first individual on the island who was infected...And Emma now had to try to figure out what was causing the sleep...

Because it was spreading!

Soon the island was quarantined!

Action packed, but full of potential issues that must be explored--voodoo, drugs, murder, monsters! Wow!

What a tropical paradise to visit! I loved this one... Such fun to move from one scene to another when you never know what is going to happen next!

The end was almost anti-climatic given the range of high points throughout this gem...But the ending was also quite satisfactory!

Highly recommended!


Jamie Freveletti is a trial attorney, martial artist, and runner. Her debut thriller, Running from the Devil, was chosen as a "Notable Book" by the Independent Booksellers of America, awarded "Best First Novel" by the International Thriller Writers and awarded a Barry Award for "Best First Novel." It has been translated into three languages and was an international bestseller. Her second novel, Running Dark, released in June, 2010, hit both the Chicagoland and South Florida bestseller lists and her third, The Ninth Day released in September, 2011 and was chosen as one of the "Best Thrillers of 2011" by Suspense Magazine.
In January, 2011, she was tapped by the Estate of Robert Ludlum to write the next in the Covert One series. That novel, The Janus Reprisal, released on September 11, 2012. The fourth in her series, Dead Asleep released on October 30, 2012 and hit #1 on Amazon's kindle bestseller list.
She is an avid runner and holds a black belt in aikido, a Japanese martial art. After law school she lived in Geneva, Switzerland while obtaining a diploma in International Studies. Back in Chicago, she represented clients in areas ranging from class actions for mass salmonella poisoning to securities fraud.
She lives in Chicago with her family.

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