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Mary Metcalfe's Excitingly Romantic...But Think "Fatal Attraction!"

"Good to see you too, Allison. How's your mother?" She tried to remember where the litter box was.
"She can't communicate at all. The stroke was so severe she'll probably never walk again."
"I'm sorry to hear that. You must be very worried about her." Carol stepped into the hall and moved towards the kitchen.
"Let's do a little tour then and make sure everything is ready..."
"You should know I've already put away everything of any value." Allison's eyes were hard.
"If you're referring to the con artist, he's now in prison for what he did." Carol smiled thinly. Allison hadn't even attempted to veil her snide comment. Most people weren't so blunt. "I'm sure the house is in showcase condition, but let's go have a quick look. It'll remind me of the features I want to play up." As Carol strode away, she didn't see Allison's piercing stare...
"The new owners will have a major redecorating project on their hands. I see some cars parked out front. Let's let the first visitor in." Time to get going, she thought, looking at her watch. As she opened the front door, she saw Devin Elliot striding up the walk. Of course, he'd be the first to arrive..."Hello, Devin Figured you'd be first."
"Hello, Carol. I need to warn you about something. This house and I have some history.
If Allison Wendover is here, it could get ugly."
"She's here. Should I call the police?"
"It won't get that ugly but--"
"What are you doing here, Devin?" Allison had come to the door and stood, legs akimbo, with her hands on her narrow hips. Carol glanced between the two of them, thinking she wasn't the only one who'd managed to get on Allison's bad side. She couldn't help but wonder what Devin had done.
"I'm here to see your mother's house, of course. It's a free world last time I checked."
"You are not welcome here." Allison's eyes blazed with anger.
"I don't have to be welcome. My money's as good as the next person's."
Carol watched in some alarm as the two titans suddenly squared off. "Allison. Can we please take this inside?" Carol could feel the electricity arcing off the two adversaries...Three couples on the sidewalk were watching the altercation with interest.
"He is not coming into this house."
"I most certainly am. I will simply call the police if you don't let me in to view this publicly advertised Open House."
Carol recognized the molten color of Devin's eyes. He was angry. Very angry. "Allison, you don't have a legal right to bar him from seeing the house. As your agent, I must ask you to step aside, let him in, and we'll go from there...
"When Allison moved to object, Carol cut her off. "Are we clear on this?
There are other prospective buyers waiting outside in the cold..."

New Beginnings
By Mary Metcalfe

This is my favorite of the three read this weekend... Of course, you all know I go for suspense with my romance and this one has a female that I really enjoyed hating! What more could I want, besides a pair of lovers to watch come together! Carol Brock, best friend of Jennifer in Winds of Change comes to the "star" role in New Beginnings. She's had some bad experiences with men in the past and twice got burnt on the job because issues which really were not her fault. But, as we know, often that doesn't make any difference if there are others who resent you for some reason...

And Carol was somebody you either looked to as a role model...or hated, because she was so good at selling. Her activities with real estate in Boston had made her a very wealthy woman... During the last year, though, she had finally realized that she was not really happy. Her children, in college, were distant, not having had much time with her, due to Carol's hours on the job, even at nights and weekends when most people looking to buy were available and wanting to view the properties...

"When I met you and saw the fire in your eyes, you
reminded me of Aero and Sabrina. [horses] He traced
a finger along the line of her shoulder. "So high-
spirited and beautiful." Carol half closed her eyes
as his hand slowly explored under her sweater. "I
want us to take this slowly, Carol, but I don't think
I can. You've touched my heart in a way no other
woman has in many years...
"Outside, Aero and Sabrina nuzzled heads as the
eagles flew high in the soft November light..."
Right now, she's responsible for the sale of a beautiful Victorian home, whose owner is now in a rest home and who dies during the novel, making it even more of a...shall we say, challenge!

At the same time, Carol, who has stayed away from men since the last few have caused much havoc in her life, meets a new one, who convinces her she's made the right decision! Because when she met him, in a parking lot, he had parked too close to her vehicle, and knocked off her side mirror! Carol couldn't even get into her car, so she promptly took a camera, sent it to the police and called a tow truck!

Off course the owner came just as the tow was to begin and took the brunt of her anger quite nicely, apologized, and finally started to laugh at her! Well...any woman knows how Carol reacted to that laughter!

But from bad beginnings...

It soon got worse!

Devin Elliott, architect, Boston's most eligible bachelor, and destroyer of vehicle mirrors, wants to buy the Victorian home for which Carol is responsible! And he wants an early viewing, which she refuses. Then, when he's the first at the open house, the daughter of the owner, refuses to allow him to enter! Carol stands in the midst of their screaming, while other interested customers watch from the sidewalk! Another real estate nightmare for Carol! But Allison has friends and connections... And, this time, Carol is suspended!

Now that should leave you hanging and wanting to know more, right? Well, let's just say that Devin used to date the owner's daughter, but it's been years ago. Only to Allison, she has never gotten over him...and if Carol has any type of relationship with him, even if just professional, Carol is now part of all that must happen!

Compelling drama, outrageous stalking, arson and much, much more! I loved it and think you will too! See yesterday's review for Debut Winds of Change and next in series Road to Tomorrow here tomorrow!


Originally from the Toronto-Hamilton area of Ontario, Canada, Mary moved to Ottawa to study journalism and fell in love with the region. Shortly after graduating, she met and fell in love with her soul mate.
In addition to being a full-time novelist, Mary edits memoirs, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. She's adopted the moniker Lakefront Muse to reflect (pardon the pun) her love of living by a small lake and gaining inspiration from nature in her rural surroundings. While her novels are set in or near Boston, she lives in the foothills of the Laurentians in Quebec, Canada.
Please visit Mary on her blog at www.lakefrontmuse.blogspot.ca for weekly interviews with authors from around the world and musings about writing and publishing in general.
Learn more at www.marymetcalfe.ca.

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