Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Walk of the Heart - Poetry by Adolfo...

Walk of the Heart

By Adolph (Adolfo) Caso

As if coming away
Directly from within the sun rising,
A couple (of about eighty)
Begins to walk toward the west,
From a position
Beyond my presence
And beyond my capability to focus
On whom they may be
Or where they may be from:
They seem like any other couple--
Two people rising with the sun,
To complete their daily constitution.

My eyes fixed on them
As if by incantation:
I follow them with awe
Without knowing why
My eyes remain on them.

On proceeding toward me,
They come into complete focus:
The man on the inside
His beloved on the outside,
Silently walking upright,
Serious expressions on their faces.

On seeing their hands clutched,
I feel my heart pumping
Over the defining image
On walking for the heart!

“Great to see you holding hands,”
I interject in admiration,
Breaking one spell but creating another.
His eyes suddenly aglow,
He turns to her
To receive her complementing smile.

Without a word to me,
And as silently,
They slowly continue
Until they disappear from view--
Their image fixed in my psyche!

On our evening walk,
Toward the same but changing sun
Now setting amidst a myriad of blazing colors,
Margaret and I begin our walk.
Spontaneous choice
As two mourning doves mating on a branch?
Chance probability
Beyond the control of logic?

On moving my hand to hers,
I feel her clutch.
Our hearts, reinvigorated,
We walk into the sunset
We will see that same sun

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