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Not Just Another Review--Fans of Hercules! Look Alikes!

Cat Trick:

A Magical Cats Mystery

  He had a Big Mouth...
    Until the Cat Got His Tongue...

By Sofie Kelly

The thing I like most about Sofie Kelly's books is that she is
constantly talking and interacting with her cat characters. Yes,
the cats are magical, but she doesn't dwell on that much, except
when it gets her in trouble! LOL
And boy does Hercules start something this time!

Not only did he leave their vehicle, but he crossed major highways (although he did stop to look both ways) and went into a tent where he found a body! (Of course! LOL)

Now there was speculation about whether Herc could smell that body from so far away...or maybe in addition to his other ability, he has a super-nosed smeller! Well, these cats don't talk, so we probably won't find out, but that's ok... Because of course, it does get us started on solving another crime by Kathleen, who is the Mayville Heights Librarian...

The series is new, but already both cats are enjoying the fan adoration! And since Hercules has some fun markings that are somewhat unique, I invited a number of look-alikes from the fan club to visit! Now we don't see the chest of Herc on the cover,
but I personally think the pic at the top is my favorite...Let us know what you think!

The body in the Tent? He was a man who had originally lived in Mayville Heights and had come back, representing a tour company, to see if they might create a tour stop, which would help the little town as well as provide a nice rest stop and place to eat for tour groups. Everybody thought it was a great idea!
However, Mike Glazer was just not a nice man! And while you think he would have been happy to interact with his former town members, he acted like he was much too important, and the offerings, such as the huge tent in which he died, was not the quality that he was looking for... Let's face it, nearly everybody that was working on the exhibit that would be used during the negotiations, were already very upset or...hated Mike Glazer!

Now he was dead...and it was determined he'd been murdered!
Kathleen, by the way, and the town sheriff, got involved earlier in the series and are still touchy with each other since Kathleen seems to be involved whenever there's a murder! In this case, one of her dear friends even asked her to try to solve the crime! But, readers, there was a Kiss in this book, so they also seem to be working to solve the issues or the Sheriff is just giving in??? LOL

A lot of time is spent by town members at a local restaurant, so you'll get to know about how well they eat and all the treats available! The owners will be setting up for the big event, so are trying out a lot of options on the library staff! Yippee! A new baker has also come into town and has a new bake shop! She came under serious suspicion when  Owen found something at the tent that belonged to her!

You guessed it...Owen also escaped, ran across the two roads (looking both ways) and took over the investigation by the cats! BTW, I'm including the comments about the cats looking both ways just to let you know that I personally think that these two cats not only have magical skills, but they are able to understand our language! I'll keep you posted on that opinion as I follow this wonderful series--but of course I will! And I collect cozy cat mystery books, so will eventually have the whole set. Of those out there, Lillian Braun is still my favorite, but Sofie Kelly just might turn out to come in second favorite! or Better!
Now, for those of us who read Cat Cozies for the cat characters, that's the most important part of the book...but there is also a great murder mystery to be solved! And Kathleen is right there in the end--because fortunately, Hercules, was with her and saves her life!

From whom? Well, of course, the bad guy--can't remember his name, just that Hercules got him good! Hey, just kidding... But it is a fun mystery for all cozy mystery fans!

Are we done yet?
Got Milk?!
Hi! I'm a fan, but just came to enjoy some sun!

"It was Marcus's turn to laugh. "So does that mean that there won't be any cats joining us?"
"Yes, it definitely does." I glanced over at the doorway again. Owen and Hercules had disappeared.
"About six thirty?"
"I'll see you then," I said. "Have a good day."
"I wnt back to finish my breakfast. Owen and Hercules were sitting beside my chair like two adorable, well-behaved cats.
"I'm not fooled," I said, picking up my spoon. "I know you heard enough to figure out that Marcus invited me for dinner, and I'm not taking either one of you."
"Rrrow," Hercules said. It seemed he wasn't happy that Owen had been to Marcus's house and he hadn't. Or he might have been trying to point out the piece of yogurt-cover apple that had just fallen off my spoon onto the floor.
"Nice try," I mumbled around a mouthful of granola. "But it's not as though your brother had a five-course meal when he was visiting Marcus." I glanced down at Owen, who was still in well-behaved mode. "And it's not like he'll be visiting again anytime soon. Emphasis on soon."
"Hercules poked the chunk of apple with a paw and then made a cranky face when he ended up with yogurt on his fur. He held up the sticky paw and glared at me, a sour expression on his face.
"It's only a bit of yogurt," I said. "From soy milk. Look." I held up my spoon and licked the back of the bowl. "Lick it off your foot. You might like it. Abigail made it."
"He looked uncertainly at his paw, glanced over at the sink and then focused on me.
"I shook my head. "No," I said. "I'm not washing your feet again."
"He made annoyed noises in his throat. I figured he was probably muttering "Bite me" in cat..."
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Sofie Kelly is the pseudonym of young adult writer and mixed-media artist, Darlene Ryan. Sofie/Darlene lives on the east coast with her husband and daughter. In her spare time she practices Wu style tai chi and likes to prowl around thrift stores. And she admits to having a small crush on Matt Lauer.

Please note that Pinterest was used for the pics...I couldn't get their embed process to work today so I've provided the original URL for info...


  1. I loved cats! Another very cute addition to the Magical Cats Mystery series. These are really fun books. :)

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