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Christine Dougherty Presents Astounding Free Will Drama!

Cover of "God Told Me To"
Cover of God Told Me To
"Carrie looked.
"It was red faced, ugly, its head smooshed on one side, white hair covering its forehead and shoulders, a blister on its puckered asshole of a mouth, tiny veins visible under its thin, pale skin and Carrie had been
"Ugh, what's wrong with it? Get
it away from me!"
The Devil Stood Up

By Christine Dougherty

While I was without a Kindle, I received requests that I couldn't deal with--this was one of them. Interestingly, I had recently received another request from a writer who had the big D as a primary character and I chose not to read it. This one has been out a year, so, still catching up with e-books, I read this novel...

Wow! I am so thankful I did! I use the word "astounding" to explain my "wonder" and amazement of this story. Christine Dougherty has blasted us--all we who are human, LOL--with blunt reality and points the finger right back at us! WE have free will... So don't hide behind that old mantra, "the devil made me do it..." or even  (in my words), "God told me to..." Interestingly, this phrase brought up a book reference! For those who claim this, including suicide bombers, the criminally insane, and even other religious fanatics, Dougherty throws back...YOU decided, YOU are the one with free will...

Brave young writer, isn't she?!!!

Whether you believe in God, the Devil, or not, Dougherty looks into our eyes and tells us, we are the ones who choose to do right or wrong... I loved her message!

"The Devil rolled over, swiping a knotted forearm
across his dripping brow. Half asleep, struggling,
uncomfortable, The Litany of the evils of the
world slipped through his unconsciousness like
fine wisps of acrid smoke, intertwining, interweaving,
noxious, and necessary.
"This is how he thought of the million threads of
evil that bound his mind, they were: The Litany.
"The evil of the world spiked sharply, spoiling his
sleep, but he could not stop it any more than he
could have stopped time or stopped the evil itself.
He rolled, almost coming awake, flirting with full
consciousness, and then settled as the streaming
evil flatlined, becoming bearable again.
"This body, even, was uncomfortable: difficult to
position with grace and never entirely at rest, not
really. He'd never gotten used to it, never become
accustomed to losing grace. The weight, the stink
and yes, even the sight of it was unbearable,
because in Heaven, there'd been no ugliness, no
stink, no uncomfortable body, only awareness
and beauty.
"The Devil had never been a human, but knew
them well enough by now to this that this must
be what if felt like, to be in a body. Heavy.
Tethered. Stinking...
"...He punished one no harder than the others.
His place was not that of judgment. Only to
punish and punish and punish, until God
Himself saw fit to take this job from him, and
lift him back, weightless, bodyless to heaven
and to grace..."

Now, at first, I wasn't totally willing to accept the story line. As I thought about it, however, Lucifer was an angel at first, but he sinned, according to historical accounts. He thought he was above God...

But did that mean he would always be in direct opposition to God's will? While you explore that thought, let me tell you just a little about this exciting drama...

I've never been able to say the name without cringing, so I'm going to just say The D... OK? Anyway, the D calls it a litany--each and every day, every single thing that WE decide to do that we know (or don't know) is wrong, falls on him...I'll let you read the description but essentially he's lying down, bloodied, horribly affected by each and every sin/wrong that humans commit!

If some of you say, Cool!, you need to read this book...sure, it's a horror novel in description and tone, but, believe me, there's lots more going on in this drama and a message that will force each of us to take notice and acknowledge, yes, acknowledge that all that we do is through Free Will...

But, one day, something horrible happens and the D has reached his boiling point, literally. He painfully forces himself from underneath all of the piles of hateful emotions and screams! Not This Time!

The majority of us are selfish people, at least sometimes--we choose what we do every second, every minute...so when a your man who had chosen to become a drug addict chose to commit suicide, the D was there to step into his body!

But that young man had a sister. And she had been there when he jumped...

And also saw him, get up, brush himself off, and walk away!

She followed the Devil...

Carrie Walsh is the human who brought the Devil...and her lawyer who got her off for killing her child. Sound like something out of our headlines? You bet! One excerpt I read said this book looked at good and evil... Indeed I've said that often myself in reviews...

But this book, I think, really should be taken much more personally... I've always used "Know Thyself" to consider what I do in life. My opinion is that Dougherty is saying the same thing. We all have the potential for good or evil inside of us...you know, those seven deadly sins that one movie covered...or all the other small things we choose to do that, really, normally evolve around selfishness, self-centeredness, pride, fear and doubt, etc... 

While I might have spent time getting to know myself, still I was confronted! But this wasn't horror or hard for me to do. And, if you have never really tried to look at yourself objectively, I suggest you begin... This book may just be the one to help you as you decide whether to choose drugs, alcoholic or other substances that give some type of escape... Drug cartels choose to sell because millions all over the world choose to buy. Their reason is simple--greed.  A suicide bomber is "influenced" to kill himself because of the story there are "virgins" waiting... Get real! When I choose a doughnut, it was my choice, not the D... No difference!

This book needs to be read by all. Do you dare to find out that you can't blame...the Devil...Yes, A Must-Read recommendation from me.


Christine Dougherty lives in South Jersey with her husband, dog and two cats. Visit her online at: www.christinedoughertybooks.com

Follow her blog: http://whatchriswrites.blogspot.com/

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