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Weis' The Secret Brokers Starts New Dallas August Series!

She ignored his comment and placed her cell phone in the front pocket of her jeans. “Tomorrow I have to pick up a rescue in New Orleans at the Fair Grounds Racetrack. That was a groom I know, telling me about the horse.”
Dallas gave a quick nod. “Fine. What time are we going?”
“Are you sure you want to—?” Dallas gave her a menacing stare, silencing her rebuttal. “Fine, I don’t want to get in a heated discussion about it.” She waved her hand at him. “Be ready to go at three a.m.”
 “Why so early?” he asked. “We have to sneak in before the trainer shows up and takes the horse.” Dallas shook his head, almost laughing. “You mean we’re stealing it?” Gwen hesitated for a moment and then shrugged. “Not exactly, but you might want to bring your gun.”
His dark blue eyes once again became cold and distant. “Gwen, I don’t think this is a good idea. I was sent to protect you and if this—”
 “I’m going, Dallas! This is an animal that might have one more day left to live. I’m not going to stand by and let that beautiful creature die because you have concerns about my safety.”
 Dallas sighed, knowing that he would never be able to talk her out of it. “I’ll be ready to go at three.”
“Thank you,” she whispered and walked back to the palomino cross-tied behind her.
 “And Gwen,” Dallas called out. “Don’t even think of sneaking out of here without me. I’ll be sleeping on the couch from now on.”
She turned to him. “Lawrence not working out as a bunkmate?”
“Let’s just say he’s not the one I am hoping to share my bed with.”


   The Secret Brokers                                                       
By Alexandrea Weis

Dallas August was involved with Nicci Beauvoir and was much more in love with her than she was with him, for of course, her heart had already been taken. So when I saw this book, I knew I had to find out what had happened! That's the thing about series for me--you get to know the characters and what they have gone through and, just as that individual must feel, you need closure...

But what The Secret Brokers brought was really the beginning of a new series! And "maybe" a new woman in Dallas' life...

This is an exciting romantic suspense that gives some basic clues but, like Dallas, I never suspected what was really happening until the very end. I'm not sure I appreciated it and I know Dallas didn't...but then, he was also romantically involved by that time, so, LOL, he was more open to exploring things further than I would have been!

Dallas had returned to New York to take over and run the company where he had been working...you can find out why by reading the Nicci Beauvoir Trilogy.

While he was just getting settled in, however, a surprise visitor from Louisiana; i.e., Carl Bordonaro, requested his personal services. Dallas knew he really didn't have a choice. He was one of the major crime lords operating in New Orleans--and, in Dallas' type of work, that type of connection was a delicate balance that had to be maintained. Besides, Lance Beauvoir had sent him...

Bordonaro wanted him to act as a body guard for a friend's daughter. His friend was a witness for the conviction of a "competitor" of Bordonaro's, so he was quite willing to help ensure the daughter's safety.

Except that the actual reason he wanted Dallas to protect her was really related to his job--he needed information from Gwen about what she had learned from a former colleague. And if Dallas didn't get it, there were those in his crime business that would see to it that she never shared what that information was...

“What kind of information are we talking about?”
 “Secrets,” Carl answered. “Simon La Roy was known around the world as the man to go to when one needed secrets uncovered. As his successor, you’re the man to see. And with our past dealin’s together, I figured you were a man to be trusted.”
 “Who’s the target?”
 “Target? Odd chose of words.” Carl raised his dark eyebrows worriedly. “I don’t want her killed, Dallas.”
 “Target is the person who we are sent to investigate. My people don’t eliminate.”
Carl smiled. “Of course.” He nodded his head as he looked down at his stubby hands. “There was a former associate who knew a great deal about my business ventures. His name was Earl Yeager. Three years ago, Earl was diagnosed with cancer and spent his last days in a hospital bed. He was given the best of care, and I paid to have private nurses see to his comfort. One nurse became very close to Earl— so close, in fact, that I think he may have told her a few secrets about me. If these secrets were released to certain federal agencies, it could cause problems for me and several other men throughout the country.” He looked up at Dallas. “Some of these other business men want this young woman killed, just to make sure she doesn’t talk, but I can’t do that.”
 “Because you want to find out what she knows first?” Dallas inquired.
Carl shook his head and sighed. “Her father and I are… old friends. He was a liquor distributor in New Orleans. For forty years he supplied my house and businesses with liquor. Ed Pioth was good to me, and I’ve known his daughter, Gwen, since she was born. I attended her christenin’ and her first communion, so you can understand my dilemma.”
 “You want me to send out a specialist to find out what she knows. See if this Earl Yeager said anything that the feds could use against you and your… friends?”
Carl stared into Dallas’s eyes. “I can’t afford for anyone else to be involved at this point.” He pointed at Dallas. “I want you to go and find out what the girl knows.”
 “Me?” Dallas balked. “I’m right in the middle of taking things over here. Simon’s death was only leaked to the press a few weeks ago. I can’t just hop on a plane and—“
 “I would consider it a personal favor,” Carl interrupted. Dallas warily eyed the man and then shook his head...

Normally this type of job was just what Dallas was good at, but there wasn't time for him to do his normal routines...the trial was coming soon and the information was needed before the trial even started... Dallas had a problem and the one sure way to play it was to get "intimately" involved with her...

But Gwen was not an "easy" woman. She was recently divorced, owned a horse rescue farm by herself and rarely became involved with anything else... She was smart, but a loner...

And since she didn't have a choice about Dallas coming, since her father had arranged it, she was at least going to get something out of this... Dallas was soon doing much of the heavy work related to keeping and nursing horses back to good health! Not in his plan of seduction...

Especially after he had met her and was immediately attracted! Besides, the more he got to know her, the more he knew not to trust her...

I loved this one... Dallas was a character I enjoyed in earlier books... but I'm holding my decision on the new woman in his life! LOL If you love romantic suspense, this one is fun, and don't be surprised that you don't totally figure out what was reallllly happening! I sure didn't...Thanks Alex, you kept me involved to the very last page!


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