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Weis' Acadian Waltz Sweet, Sassy, Sexy...and Dangerous

English: Acadian House, Longfellow-Evangeline ...
English: Acadian House, Longfellow-Evangeline State Park, St. Martinville, Louisiana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When your papa used to bring you out here. As soon as
you stepped from your papa's car, you went runnin' to
Jean Marc. Followed that boy all over the dock, you did."
Uncle Jack pointed the wrench over at the doc next to the
boat. "Jean Marc was always hangin' around helpin' to
fix engines and such. Anytime you came to visit, he would volunteer to watch you so your papa and me could
go fishin/. He even taught you how to dance. You don't
remember that?"
I gave my uncle a bewildered side-glance. "Dance?"
"The Acadian Waltz. Your papa and me come back from
fishin' early one day and found you two dancin' on the
dock with no music. Funniest damn thing I ever see."
"I don't remember that," I mumbled.
"Spect not. You are barely out of diapers then. That boy
always has taken a fancy to you. Nora T. He liked you then, and if you ask me, he still likes you."

Acadian Waltz

By Alexandrea Weis

Weis has a range of topics in her novels, but so far, they've all been set in Louisiana and tell readers much about her home state--I thoroughly enjoy her stories and her writing. With Acadian Waltz as the title, I wasn't surprised to have a romance but I was surprised at the mother [from h***] of the bride! LOL But she was a perfect character and, if you're a working woman like I am, you naturally will love to hate her!

But, for me, she wasn't as bad as John...

No wonder Nora Kehoe was still unmarried, lived in her own apartment, and had worked hard to have a successful career as a physical therapist and administrator... To her mother, it wasn't important that she was happily working...what she needed was a husband...and children, preferably in that order. Her mother would be thrilled to have grandchildren!

"Put your hands on me," he whispered in my ear.
Flustered, I reached up and put my hands on his
"No, not there." He took my right hand and guided
it to his erection. "Now, stroke me," he directed.
"I soon learned that the entire sexual experience to
John was something akin to following instructions
for operating a DVD player. At specific intervals I
was told to "touch me here" or "kiss me there" or
"move against me like this." By the time we had
come to the end of our very brief encounter, I was
so emotionally frazzled that I had forgotten to fake
an orgasm...
So Nora was hounded until she gave in...and her mother started setting up blind dates! And she met John... No, her mother hadn't picked him for a date, rather Nora's date had an allergic reaction to food and they both wound up in the emergency room...where Dr. John Blessing worked!

Unfortunately, Nora was immediately attracted to John...I say that because the man was a control freak! Nora started to date him and her mother was in heaven--a doctor!

But, little by little Nora was changing--losing weight, giving in to the wishes of others. After all, they would make a "nice" couple...(personal sarcasm, LOL)

Nora had maintained a relationship with her Uncle Jack, her mother's brother, although there was little contact between the siblings. Nora routinely visited him, especially to check his blood pressure and other health issues that he routinely ignored. He only listened because of his love for her...

Then on one of those visits, Jean Marc, who was now her uncle's boss, stopped by...

Sometime during the internal fight that began inside, Nora was reminded that when she was eight, she had given Jean Marc a ring and asked him to marry her. He had been eighteen and was about to leave home...She hadn't seen him for over ten years...

But in Louisiana, it was getting more dangerous. There had always been smuggling of some sort, now, many drugs... But the latest crime had been the death of a young girl, her eyes destroyed, looking as if done by a surgeon...

And then one night, Nora met her secretary to go out while John worked. They came upon a circle of people in white, chanting, and they were leading a young girl to stand in front of the leader who waited with a knife. And Nora recognized him!

"The men you owe?"
"My backers." He paused and then chuckled at me. "Nora,
you've lived in New Orleans all your life, but you have no idea what really goes on  inside 
of the French Quarter. The cults that exist there are a powerful attractant to the
weak-minded. There are a few men that organize those cults, collect dues from the
followers, and recruit new initiates from the homeless teenagers that flock to the city
thanks to Anne Rice and her vampire novels. Kids come to New Orleans seeking vampires
and voodoo. These guys I work for give it to them..."

I looked for Acadian Waltz and found only this nice guy...
I thought it might be Uncle Jack...practicing, hoping...

And just as I thought we were nearing a happy ending, Alexandrea Weis threw in a zinger and I stopped breathing..."Oh no!"

If you haven't read Weis yet, I highly recommend you start with Acadian Waltz, just out! It's romantic, funny, sexy and has an exciting unexpected ending...that will both distress and please... Don't miss this one! It's one of her best, I think...but, so far, I've loved all of her books...

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