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Not Just Another Review...Cozy Cat Star Dame Wiggins and Kits, Appears Today!

Meeeeeeow! Dame Wiggins here!
Sooooo pleased to meet you!

The Cat, The Professor 

and the Poison

A killer game of cat and mouse

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

By Leann Sweeney

Meow! Hello! I'm quite excited to be be here at Book Readers Heaven. You see, I'm not a star of a series, so I just never thought that I would ever be asked! I did play one of the starring roles in the story though, plus I heard that the blog owner's cats Honey and Calli put in a good word for me... Thanks to both of you and I'll try to do a good job in telling everybody about what happened...

As you might know, there was a murder! What you don't know was that he was my human Dad--and that I was right there as it happened. Unfortunately, my kits had already been born, so when everybody was crazily disappearing, I couldn't leave! Well, look at those faces...would you leave those two?!? Of course, they are much bigger now!

Ok, Ok, I'm sorry...but I love my kits! I love showing their pics! Yeah, there's a little difference between my picture at the top and the one here...This is my sister Sadie. I promised I'd add a picture of her today, but I just don't know why I did...doesn't she look mad? Of course, I told the photographer not to get too close to her, but he just wouldn't listen...anyway, I promise no more pictures! Ha! all began when my Dad started stealing. You see, he's brilliant and is trying to create a new food for us cats...but his money was low and his research grant had not been continued, so he went and stole from that nice couple who keep the nearby shelter... Jillian--I think you met her through her babies--was helping at the Shelter. She was nervous because there were new babies, so she had asked her friend, Candace (the cop!) to be there with her... That was after he had already broken in and stole milk from another  neighbor...

They had learned that it was my Dad that had been doing this and why--his research cats were hungry, and that included me! But before I realized what was happening, he was dead! And there was such a "stink" in more ways than one, since they found a large amount of raw meat that had been out for awhile, if you know what that means!

Well, of course Jillian thought of the cats first, while the police was dealing with the murder. She called Shawn and he rounded up potential homes, brought cages, etc. Fortunately, Jillian chose to allow me and my kittens to come home with her temporarily. She even fixed us up with a beautiful room in her basement, gave us one of her quilts and everything... But, you know what was best of all? One of her kids came down and helped me take care of my babies!

"What are you doing in my house?" Dumb thing to say. But there are no adequate words for a situation that made fear and dread do flip-flops in my stomach.
"I focused on my cat and saw that the man was holding Merlot's scruff with a gloved hand. Merlot would have scratched his eyes out, would have been yowling, if not for that near-death grip.
"My heart pounded against my ribs. Someone was sitting in my living room dressed in a Halloween disguise. And he did not likely have my best interests in mind. But all I cared about at this moment was Merlot.
"Dried off now, Jillian?" the man said in a harsh whisper.
"Merlot squirmed, and he tightened his hold. He was now pulling so hard, my cat's eyes were drawn into near slits.
"That got my Irish up.
"Four quick strides and I reached the couch. The man started to rise, but I snatched Merlot before he could fully react, and then I gently tossed my cat in the direction of the hall. "Go, baby. Run..."
Which was just fine cause I needed help, especially since Jillian was out trying to find out who had killed my Dad...and then somebody broke into her home and had Merlot in his hands when she came home! Such excitement was a bit much for me and I admit I was scared! Not going to tell you what happened, but will let you know that her cop friend took up residence in the house for awhile too! Me and my kits were getting a lot of attention, care...and love!

Well, you can tell that this was all a dangerous time and very confusing to all the cats involved. You'll be happy to know that all of us were safe and found new wonderful homes...But if you want to know how it all ended, I've been told to let you know that this cozy mystery is BRH Highly Recommended!


Leann Sweeney (and Indigo!) was born and raised in Niagara Falls and educated at St. Joseph's Hospital and Lemoyne College in Syracuse, NY. She also has a degree from the University of Houston in behavioral science and worked for many years in psychiatry and as a school nurse; she has retired to write full-time. 

She began writing in 1980, fulfilling her lifelong dream. After perfecting her writing skills with classes and a small fortune in writing books, she joined MWA and Sisters in Crime. Now she's in love with both her NAL/Obsidian mystery series: The Yellow Rose Mysteries and the Cats in Trouble Mysteries, and it shows--The Cat, The Quilt and The Corpse was the #1 bestseller on the Independent Mystery Bookseller's List when it debuted and made several top twenty lists for 2009 at bookstores across the country.

Leann is married with two fabulous grown children, a wonderful son-in-law and a beautiful daughter-in-law--not to mention grandaughter Maddison Grace (Maddie). She has lived in Texas since 1974 and resides in Friendswood, Texas with husband Mike, her three cats, and Rosie--the smart, retrieving, golf-ball chasing, busy-busy-busy mini-labradoodle.

Mmmmmm? That's all folks!
Nowwwww, can I have my milk?!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

This article was requested by

Calli above and Honey (lookalikes to my babies...)

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