Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's A Book... No, It's A Game...No, It's a Book... What IS Night of the Necromancer???

Two girls and a guy, obviously drunk,
are laughing next to a silver Mustang.
You want to throw something at them,
 or at the least, tell them to shut up.
 Besides, other residents might be
just as angry.
 Then again, telling them to shut up
 would only create more drama for you.

What do you do?  
Threaten to call the police.
 (Go to 72)
 Ignore the teenagers.
 (Go to 18)
Night of the Necromancer:

Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

By Kyle West
  and Jelani Sims

Sure, I used to watch Zombie movies...way back when...

But I agreed to read and review this novel because of the
way it was written. Personally, after I died three times,
I gave up and decided to go ahead and review it...

After all, how many times can a reviewer be expected to die while reading a book?!!!

First, I found the writing style a little bit confusing--you see everything is directed to you, the reader! So, there I was reading along when something like the above appeared...Well, now I knew why the words were being directed to me. Now, for me, the first time I chose, I tried to be honest with myself--What would I really do? But I have to tell you, after being killed twice, I chose the opposite...and so, I got to read more and more of the book... Now, since I have no idea what you may respond to these questions, you may either get killed too, or you may sail through the complete book... Somehow I doubt that...LOL!

“Hello?” you call. Only further silence answers. 

You turn quickly and walk toward the stairs. 
You cannot shake the feeling that someone – 
or something – is watching you. 
You want to run. 
Who knows what creeps hang out here late at night?
 You quicken your pace, and exit the aisle.
 But out of the corner of your eye,
 you see an old woman.
 You recognize her as the person
 who runs the help desk upstairs.
Blood dribbles from a puncture in her neck.
 Her mouth foams. Her eyes are glazed, 
and her stature stooped. A knot of fear
 ties in your stomach. “Are you okay?”
 She groans and walks toward you, 
reaching out. Her long, fake nails grapple 
for you like claws. 
What do you do?   

Now, let's face it, the thought of having zombie's roaming around in your town is a lot different than seeing them in a movie...

Personally, I think this would make a wonderful "event" for your next Halloween party...of course, keeping the monsters age appropriate for who will attend...

So, here you are with Regina at the campus library, getting ready to study for finals. You'd like to get something to eat, but Regina doesn't like to stop "anything" once she starts, so you've got a plan...

You've been reading about everybody staying inside because there have been so many people who have disappeared...

Then another article concerns you even more when they announce that there have been disturbances at a local graveyard... They can't figure out who could have violated the graves since there are no signs of dirt being dug up...

Then another article tells of an individual who claimed she saw a ghostwalker...

But then Regina starts...ok, you haven't been listening and a fight takes place with Regina leaving...You aren't surprised--if she wasn't so pretty... Oh well...and you fall asleep and wake after midnight...

Well, you get the idea, right? I can't tell you much more about the story because I died, remember? There I am
in the picture below, near the back--no, not that cute girl next to the guy with his hand up ready to grab somebody...I'm the blond behind him looking at the stars...(Personally, I think I'm much better as a zombie than some of these others...LOL)

So, is it a book, or a game...I had to conclude it is both!
I saw another review that indicated it could be played with more than one individual...You decide...It's fun, I know that...


Now please read the following carefully Kyle West...You
are the one who brought this book to me...Let it be known
I'm coming for you... I lied above, I did not die...but because
you got me so involved in this mess...and kept reading and 
reading until I couldn't stand another zombie!

I had to do it...

I became...

And you're the first that I'm coming for...

I fight evil where it is...Now I kill Zombies...

Be very careful 
and if YOU read this book,
then know who is coming. 
If you dare read it...
Then Have Fun...
It may be the last fun you ever have...

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