Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sandy Nathan Introduces Us to The Angel...

The Angel and The Brown-Eyed Boy

By Sandy Nathan

Sandy Nathan had a dream--and she named it! You are now reading my thoughts about this quirky little book that was dreamed--"something that is strange, not normal but cool" according to the Urban dictionary. Strange, for one thing, because as I read, the word quirky came to my mind! I've never used it before! But I have dreamed an entire story, which I never published...but just might now!  Certainly there are other books out there about the end of the world and I've read quite a few recently due to the "2012" scare... But I don't think there is ever going to be another like this one!

What I found interesting was that the story is just before the very end, but there is more important "stuff" to engage readers! Like The Angel and the Brown-Eyed Boy... These are quirky characters--"different--in a good way."

Sure, there are strange things happening in the world--like being watched continuously. And, oh yeah, Russia has made a comeback and now is the leader, more like overlord, of the world. And there doesn't seem to be many people left, in fact, some of the "land" is already gone. But none of this is too surprising, at least not for me... Those of us at my age seem to be more aware that this is really going to happen one of these days and, Sandy, as an economist, uses her expertise to hypothesize and fantasized what will happen. Unfortunately, with her expertise, some of her thoughts may indeed be prophetic..


Ahhhh, then I met Eliana, she was such a delightful character that my focus narrowed...where did she come from? Why was she here? Was she really an angel--or an alien?

You see, she showed up on the streets, with little clothing and in a pair of ballet slippers...and a big oversized, heavy coat to which she was so attached, it seemed like her version of a "blankie" that she had never given up from her childhood...

Actually, the pockets held many strange things, one of which was the address of Hermitage Academy, a school for the arts. Once she got there, she was immediately accepted and pulled in by the dance instructor. Because she thought she was a new student from Russia. Eliana was from a place much further away than Russia...

But when they asked her to dance, she danced for more than three hours without stopping--nor did anybody try to stop her. They were spellbound by her ability, dancing to any music that they played, joyously and with skill like no other...

Eliana was here for a reason, she was to find the golden boy. Of course, the problem was that the lead male dancer in the school was called that--and he was known for skills in much more dangerous areas than Eliana wanted to deal with...

At the same time, in a secret place of that school, a boy was working in his computer lab. He is brilliant, although some have diagnosed him as autistic. Jeremy Edgarton was the son of a rich woman who was known all over the world and now traveling with the highest general in the Russian army. She constantly financially supported her son's needs for computers--which were now banned for the general public. And he had done much research and had set a plan for what was going to happen in the future...

But then he met Eliana...and helped to save her from that male dancer. Then they were on the run as the boy had been killed...

This dream goes on and on...until we learn how the end of the world had started, moving across the earth, a city or a country at a time, was being destroyed...

This dream also includes a love story like no other--really!

Enchanting, fascinating, and heartwarming are the words I am left with as I think about the story. The end of the world? Yes, it did happen...

Highly recommended!


"I write books that touch the heart--and the mind and soul. While my books have thrills to spare, they're about making the world a better place. I've won twenty-one national awards, many of them in visionary fiction. My vision is unusual--my stories don't always have happy endings and sometimes they're plain old scary. Whatever I write, originality and creativity are my hallmarks. You won't get a story you can predict from me." 

Born in San Francisco, Sandy Nathan grew up in Silicon Valley's competitive corporate culture. A full time writer since 1995, Sandy Nathan holds master's degrees in economics and counseling. She has been an economist, negotiation coach, and businesswoman. The visionary part of her writing flows from her meditation practice and spiritual experience. A lifelong horsewoman, Sandy is a wife and mother of three grown children. She lives on their California horse ranch. 


  1. You've got me hooked. Great review. Great title.

  2. Wow! Glenda, what a terrific surprise. I had no idea you were writing this review. Thank you so much. You absolutely GOT my book (and me …) There's nothing more to say. Well, I could mention that The Angel won 4 national awards last year, including the Gold Medal in Visionary Fiction at the IPPYs (Independent Publishers Awards), which had something like 4,000 entrants. I love YOUR writing style. I loved your review so much, it prompted some thoughts about the rewards of writing. Here's a link: Oh, yes. The Angel's sequel, Lady Grace, will be out within the month.

  3. Sheila - I know you would enjoy this one!

    Sandy - Congratulations on your book receiving the national awards--and no wonder it got the Gold Medal in Visionary Fiction...I am constantly amazed at the imagination and diversity of thinking in the books I read, but they were right--this was bound to get the gold! And I can't even begin to wonder what the sequel would be! Guess I'll have to wait!

    Best, Glenda

  4. Thank you so much, Glenda. I think I can attribute my somewhat unusual (wild) writing to my life experiences. I've had quite a life. And I have meditated and performed other spiritual practices most of my life. Those really help writers.

    The Angel won four national awards, the Gold Medal in the IPPYs, the Visionary Fiction category in the Indie Excellence Awards and New Age in Best Books of 2011 (USA Book News). It was a finalist in Sci-fi/Fantasy in that contest.

    Those wins were highly gratifying. When you enter a contest, you have no idea what will happen. It's very nervous-making. But The Angel flew!

    The sequel is out! Lady Grace is on Amazon, right here: The print book is available now. We're working on eBooks. I'll let you know when they're available. It should be a month or so, I think. People are telling me that Lady Grace is BETTER than The Angel. That's nice to hear.