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J. D. Robb Serves Up Sexy Exciting and Solid Crime-Fighting!

This is how I normally picture J.D. working...

"We were always meant to end up here." He pressed the
release on her weapon harness." Always meant to find each
other. Save each other. Be with each other."
She laid her hands on his cheeks. "That's the Irish. But I
like the thought of it. Those weird intersects in the past--
your father, mine, Ricker. They didn't stop us from getting
here. Roarke." She lowered her hands, removed her
harness. "When Ricker intersected with us again, it screwed
us up for a while. I don't want that to happen again. I don't
want wherever this investigation may lead to cause a rift
between us again."
"I wouldn't want to see you take this investigation into an
area that causes a rift. Same goal...

Promises in Death

By J. D. Robb

My very favorite author is J. D. Robb and her Death Series. Somewhere up there in the top 10 favorite authors is Nora Roberts, but Robb's series is better! LOL So, when I saw books at my local grocery and saw a rare Robb in the pile, I was thrilled to see it was one that I had missed from 2009. I just had to stop everything and spend time with Eve, my favorite character.

Eve looks like I would "like" to look, but don't... LOL so I have no thoughts of looking like her, but I still see myself in many of her actions--like when she doesn't want to deal with parties, but then enjoys them once there... or that the job has been her main interest... Here's her back story if interested...

Promises in Death brought together many of the series' issues that make it so special--the childhoods of both Eve and Roarke, for one, as they face the investigation of a young woman who was involved with the Chief Medical Examiner Morris. It's always bad when someone within the unit is involved, but Morris was a special friend as well.

Plus the woman killed had been a cop so her own unit were upset that the case had been assigned to Eve when they felt it should be someone within her unit...

But it got worse as the investigation began and more was learned...Specifically that the son of a major crime lord, who had been captured and jailed by Eve, was the former lover of the woman. Was he trying to seek revenge for his father? Or was he jealous that a woman who he still cared about was now in love with another? Something had to be linked, because whoever had done it had returned the cop's gun and badge directly to Eve! Taunting her?

With all the connections, everybody in her squad and in her past must be investigated...until slowly Eve begins to dream and have conversations with the murdered woman--and she begins to piece everything together. I missed this one totally, although I was in the right neighborhood, but I guess that doesn't count does it...and it means that the crime was so well planned and executed that readers are caught up in the action of this great whodunit! I love all of them, but, like I said, this was even more spectacular in plotting and story line.

And, of course, having the fun of a wedding shower in the background brought a touch of whimsy and all of our favorite friends into the book! If you haven't read J. D. Robb, check her out now! Let me know whether you like her better than Nora Roberts...She's good, but...Robb is fantastic! LOL...I enjoy making this comparison just for fun...


J.D. Robb is the pseudonym for a number-one New York Times-bestselling author of more than 170 novels, including the futuristic suspense In Death series. There are more than 300 million copies of her books in print.

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