Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spotlighting Poetry by Thomas T. Kemp...and Moi...


Whispers falling over each of us,
as we roll amidst ivory perfumed sheets,
a canopy of light blue comforters
support in turn our heads.
It is a pity
but sleep will be the last turn
of the shadows our bodies make,
for some one must fall
through the glowing heavenly stars first.
If it is me, I know I will toss and count
the times I remember the words you spoke to me
and the centuries of love will go on
without delaying mornings sun
or wet cool mist.
Thomas kemp/poet 05/17/2011

Can It Exist?

Oh, to read of such love,
to know that some lovers love forever...
How is that possible, I wonder
These days, nothing lasts for more than a brief time
of coming together, not knowing anything about each other
except two bodies entwined--for physical satisfaction alone...
Never taking time to share what lives in our hearts, our minds.

Yet, some do speak of forever love...
You might even see older couples walking hand in hand
Having known their lovers for a lifetime...
I have not known that type of forever love, few have
It has touched me once or twice, in passing arms of tenderness
So I read poetic words of love  wondering, the question
Can it really, really exist?

Maybe...but just not for me...

GABixler, 03/28/2012 

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