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Liquid Fear Fails to Create Memorable Story...

English: mad scientist with a transparent back...Image via WikipediaLiquid Fear

By Scott Nicholson

I didn't get a chance to write my review immediately after finishing reading and when I picked it up again, I realized that I couldn't remember much about the book, except that it was another playoff of pharmaceutical researchers doing nasty things to people for the good of mankind...

Or rather, for the good of the mad scientist who will undoubtedly rule the world if his hypothesis can be achieved.

Books like Liquid Fear can be scary during the read and achieve some type of visceral reaction that will keep many people, including myself, reading page after page. For those who loved gore, you will probably enjoy this one. Surprisingly, for me, however, I realized after a few days that I had a distaste for the book... Not a usual reaction for me and books...

Perhaps reading Tritcheon Hash by Sue Lange overrode my earlier thoughts?

The purpose behind pharmaceutical psychological research is nearly always made to help cure humanity's problems. However, there is also almost always an aspect that pulls in the interest of the military. The reason for this research having been discontinued ten years earlier was because of funding...

And, of course, during the interim, the scientist, in this case, Dr. Sebastian Brigg's continues on his work...Once the project was funded again, it was decided to pull in as many of the original test group as possible. One of the problems in this was that they had all been affected by what had happened during the earlier trials and either did not remember what had happened or had become dysfunctional in some way.

Sooo, each of them received a small dosage of pills with the note: "Take Every 4 Hrs...or else..." And they took the drugs, just as expected...

But something had happened during that early activity so many years ago, and one of those who had participated had been killed. None of them remembered exactly what had happened and had no desire to do so... Until now... and what they were remembering was unbelievable...

None of the characters stood out as significant to the story, except of course the scientist, so there are no individuals with whom readers connect...they are treated just as they finally are when brought together--placed in a cage as the test animals they were..

If you have a clinical interest in watching people zonked out on drugs administered for specific purposes, or enjoy thrills no matter what is happening to the participants, go for it... The ending is just what you might expect for individuals who have been drugged experimentally...I just don't feel I can recommend this one.

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