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What Would You Do If Your Child Was Dying?

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The Immortalists

By Kyle Mills

What would you do if your child was dying? Of course, everything possible! But what if you had personal professional knowledge that could be used to help find a cure? How far would you be willing to go then?

Draman's daughter had been born with a genetic defect, progeria, that caused her to age faster than normal. The little girl was just 8, but she was old enough to understand--to know that this would bring her death. All of the family had become resigned to making the most of their life while they were together. Draman had sought fiinancial support for research; however, this condition was rare. Too rare to have limited funds invested in something which had a lower number of patients. When something like this is said, the mind can accept it as logical, but the heart never will.

And Richard Draman would never give up...

Then someone broke into their house and tried to kill the little girl...

Of course, they went on the run!

Draman, a microbiologist, had received research data from a colleague, Annette Chevalier, who was now dead--Richard felt it was a suspicious death! Annette's research revolved around the "fundamental structures of life." As he reviewed the material, he realized that the information could potentially be used for Susie if he could figure out how it could be applied!

But there were others who had also realized the potential--against aging--and wanted those research materials!

The story is well-written and well-paced, and even though there is travel as the chase takes place, for me, it lacked the depth to pull readers in to the overall action as once again rich, powerful men pull the strings... . On the other hand, the research activities being spotlighted are important for all of us, knowing that not every disease or medical problem can be solved. I was moved more from the sympathy toward the family then by any other emotion that normally comes with a thriller. Still it is recommended for many who find that medical novels provide a much-needed knowledge that few lay people would ever learn about.


      • From the Author
      Kyle Mills is the New York Times bestselling author of twelve books, including the latest in Robert Ludlum's Covert-One series, The Ares Decision. Growing up in Oregon, Washington, DC, and London as a the son of an FBI agent, Kyle absorbed an enormous amount about the Bureau, giving his novels their unique authenticity. He and his wife live in Wyoming where they spend their off hours rock climbing and backcountry skiing.

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