Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bob Stewart, Author, Gave Me Favorite Birthday Present!

Ok, so I really didn't get this as a birthday present...but I treated it as such, since It's my very favorite type of book--they have a Cat Character! So, I'm doing this article just a little differently--just because I can!

Here's the book blurb:
When Mallory opens the cage at the animal rescue center I trot out, right into her heart. She names me Thomas, a natural enough moniker for a male cat. It is a pampered life until I enter the surreal world of “feline noir” which twists my fondest dream into my worst nightmare after switching bodies with my mistress’ boyfriend, Tom A. Katt. My fondest dream? To have human interaction with Mallory, not limited to purring and mewing. My worst nightmare? Mallory is now on the hit list of a killer…The dilemma: To save her by learning to successfully masquerade as a human. My knowledge of the human world is limited to television, movies, and the books Mallory reads to me on rainy New Orleans afternoons. And, how do you use those pesky opposable digits, anyway?
The horns of the dilemma: There’s always a chance we’ll switch back, leaving Mallory in deadly peril. 

Now, right up front, I have to admit that I'm "prejudice" about this book. I loved it and will even admit to collecting mystery books with cat characters; e.g., the late Lillian Braun collection is here in my home library, plus any other author who has made the trip into the cat world... I have to say, though, that, in my opinion, this author's writing showed more "knowledge" about how to make the cat "real" as a character than any other author. It was a pleasure as a cat lover to see that the writer obviously loves his cat... In fact, I went out looking for more pictures and found:

Briefly, the book is something like "Freaky Friday" except that the two characters who switch personalities are a cat and a male friend of the owner of the cat. With a clever twist, the name of the male friend is Thomas A. Katt, so that once the switch is made, the cat, entering the man's body, is, indeed, Thomas A. Katt.

And, of course, the real Mr. Katt is now in a cage at the vet where he was causing lots of problems! LOL...

Now, the cat loves his owner Mallory, who works as a librarian. In fact, you might say that his feelings are more than the norm... So, when the switch is made, he delights in now being able to talk, touch and interact as a human with Mallory. On Mallory's side, she is intrigued because her friend has suddenly become more caring, compassionate, and, ah....human? Who knew that a cat would make a better friend than a human?

Of course, I did...LOL

Anyway, contrary to the movies you might have seen where this has happened, the transfer happens more than once because of the action taking place...  You see Thomas A. Katt is a dirty cop--in fact, he handles the "blood work" for the local mob boss. Felix, his police partner is also dirty.

Readers will find the conversations between Felix and the cat as Thomas hilarious, since, of course, the cat is a "good guy." A murder has recently taken place...Thomas A Katt is sent to investigate (the cat) a murder that actually was committed by Thomas A. Katt, the man...It is just pure fun, no matter how grisly the blood work!

I loved, loved, loved it...Did I tell you I loved it! But I've already told you I'm prejudiced... On the other hand, if I didn't feel I could not rightfully recommend it to you as top rate, I just wouldn't have done a review...

Now the key issue for me is: Is another book coming? Is Thomas A. Katt going to remain as the cat? Will Mallory be able to fall in love with the cat? Will the cat tell her who he really is? Please, Mr. Stewart, make this a series! I want more! And I know others will too!


Bob Stewart is the author of four nonfiction books and two novels. He has reported news events for popular magazines (People, Time, Life, and Latina). He has written two plays presented by the Aggie Players at Texas A&M University, and two scripts for series television while pursuing a career in journalism. He was associate producer for Switched at Birth, a mini-series based on the baby switch in Florida. He has been managing editor of The Bryan Daily Eagle, The Laredo Times, and the Marshall News-Messenger. He wrote a daily television column for the San Antonio Light before pursuing a career as a free-lance reporter/writer/author. In 1998, he joined the staff of PEOPLE Magazine. Stewart has worked on a number of national stories for PEOPLE, including the Oklahoma City bombing, the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco, the murder of Tejano singer Selena, the TWA jet crash in New York, the murder of students at schools in Pearl, Miss., Jonesboro, Ark., and Columbine in Denver, Colo., the racially-motivated murder of James Byrd in Jasper, Tx., the execution of Karla Faye Tucker, and the kidnap/murder of Mark Kilroy in Matamoras, Mexico. Also, he has worked PEOPLE assignments on First Lady Laura Bush, the capture of the Texas Seven convicts who blazed a trail of death and murder in the Southwest after they escaped prison, and the discovery of the remains of Madelyn Murray O’Hair, bringing to an end a six-year mystery. Other PEOPLE Magazine stories include reports on Ann Jillian, Sammy Kershaw, Tracy Lawrence, Clay Walker (his exclusive revelation of muscular dystrophy), Wynonna Judd, Bryan White, LeAnn Rimes (the first national story on this unique singer), Gary Busey, Lt. Jeanne Flynn (the country’s first female fighter pilot), and Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones.