Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes Early Sale Copies Create Bad Rep--Authors, Readers Need to be Careful!

"That's all I had when I began writing BLIND FAITH--quite frankly it's more than I usually have!   I knew it would be a dark, edgy novel, filled with betrayals and intrigues.  A novel where nothing could be taken for granted, where no one was the person they appeared to be.  Where dark secrets would be unearthed and the lives of every character would be forever changed.  But also an uplifting novel of courage and strength and perseverance, and most of all, revealing that we each have the power to choose.  To choose to have faith, to choose to love, to choose to forgive." --quote from author on writing this book and included on Amazon book page...

Blind Faith
  (Kindle Version)

By C. J. Lyon

I very much enjoyed reading the little article on Amazon  (excerpt above)  by the author about how she came about writing Blind Faith. Indeed, her plan to write a dark, edgy novel was very successful in my opinion! It is not only a page-turner, moving fast with quite a complex story, there is indeed an underlying tale of how faith can be tested and how far it will stretch before breaking for any one person.

Sarah Durandt had much faith and love. Her family had been the most important thing in her life and she was unable to accept that they were dead. She had even gone to the prison and watched the execution of the man who had admitted to killing them. Now she spent most of her time going into the hills where some evidence had been found, trying to find some sign of where they might have been buried. Only then might she be sure they were really gone.

She knew every place around their home and had been trained in search and rescue, so that on her most recent trip when she had seen what looked to be a body, she had called it in and then went on to check... It was not her husband so she proceeded to get it ready to be taken back...a gutsy lady that readers will certainly come to care about!

Readers know early on that things are not right about the whole situation. One man is wooing Sarah while we see that he is playing her in order to later get rid of her... There are many characters involved in what actually happens and a series of events catches Sarah right in the middle, trying to discover what had been going on in her husband's past life, only to get caught in being chased by those who knew him from his past.

Note that the pace and puzzling twists move so fast that it is hard to share without giving too much away. Surprises are ongoing and will catch readers off guard and close attention to the tale is the only way you'll be able to read to keep up. I do believe that the Kindle Version was actually an ARC because there were some issues that should have been addressed and probably will be before its out in print in July. I got my copy at a 99 cent sale that is not even now available.

I enjoyed the book. Some of the events were maybe a little too contrived as you read and, afterward, you may question some of what took place. But, I still have to say that I got so quickly caught up that I was hooked up until the surprise ending. The print copy won't be coming out until July, a full year after I got my copy!  This best-selling author has many books to her credit, even though this version got some bad reviews, I feel sure that they will be corrected prior to print and is worth checking out further...



  1. It sounds like a suspenseful page-turner. Congratulations!

  2. Gail, if you are interested, I went directly to author with my has changed and especially the ending is different which had concerned me a please do wait for the new version...I've already pre-ordered since I enjoyed the first so much...