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Review: Visit the Caribbean Where Drug Lord Rules!

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Shadow Cay

By Leona Bodie

It was a beautiful setting, a beautiful island--but it was more than that, it was in the perfect location. It could be controlled and could be accessed by those coming in from Columbia. Movement on to the United States was then easily handled.  Rico Salazar was excited that he had found the perfect place for his drug operation!

Shadow CayOf course, to keep it safe and secure, he had regular patrols in the area to prevent random access by pleasure crafts and local fisherman. The locals had learned the hard way to keep away from the area. Those that ventured in were soon eliminated; their boats taken or sold.

A fisherman, his wife and daughter was one of those who decided to fish in this area. Madeleine Nesbitt, the 16-year-old daughter who had dreams in which premonitions came to her, begged her parents not to go, but they wouldn't listen. When the trouble began, her father told Madeleine to quickly and quietly go over the side. While she was saved at that time, she was later discovered and taken to the Island where she was immediately raped by Salazar. Fortunately she was very intelligent and had used a different name so that no connection was made to her parents.

Madeleine quickly realized what she must do to stay alive. She would play a part. So successful was she that she was quickly put to work and gained additional and broader assignments that revealed Salazar's growing trust. At the same time, she was arranging "problems" when she could as part of her own revenge. Then  one day, she was the only one who was available to make a delivery to the US. She made it, sold the drugs--and disappeared. Rico soon had everybody looking for her. She was the only woman that had become important to him and to whom he had shared much. Now she had betrayed him; she would pay with her life...

Returning to her own name, she bought a condo and tried to begin a new life. It is at this point that the concurrent storylines merged completely. For Madeleine starts to work for AJ Hartman, a corporate medical leader who made and sold pacemakers. And there she meets Peter Duncan, a recently hired administrator who has been caught in the web of deceit and murder that now forces him to search for some way to prove what he has discovered!

All of the story is twisted together in ways that those involved in criminal enterprises routinely do. Salazar has funded AJ Hartman's company and now uses it for money laundering; Salazar "takes care of" difficult problem people for Hartman, etc., But the thing is, there are always good people who are working to stop men like Salazar and AJ Hartman--and that's where readers become involved in the continuous action and suspense of what these men are willing to do for the money; and those who work to stop them! You will travel from the United States to the Bahamas and on to Columbia as the DEA, government officials and the police work to stop the Salazar Multi-Billion Dollar Drug Empire!

Lovers of adventure will enjoy following the drugs, the money...and the fast-action hunt that highlights today's criminal world! Who will win in the deadly fight this time? Read Shadow Cay by Leona Bodie!

WRB Books
ISBN: 9780984419814
482 Pages

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