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Review: 1st Book in New Trilogy by Brenda Novak OUT TODAY!

White HeatWhite Heat

By Brenda Novak

ISBN: 9780778327950
442 Pages

Looking for something new? Like Trilogies? Then plan on getting White Heat by Brenda Novak OUT TODAY!

And...the next two books in this new trilogy will be out:

Body HeatBody Heat in  September!

Killer HeatKiller Heat in October!

Watch for reviews of all 3 books during August as Brenda is spotlighted by Book Reader's Heaven!

I loved the slow, intense buildup of the relationship between lead characters, Nate Ferrentino and Rachel Jessop in Brenda Novak, novel, White Heat...that's out TODAY! As shown above, it is also the first in a new trilogy, with the next two books coming out in the next two months! Cool scheduling, Brenda!

All I have to say is that Rachel Jessop has a lot of guts--to be able to face Nate Ferrentino after what she did and work with him on a special assignment for Department 6, a private security contractor. Like the fool that women can be, Rachel loved Nate and thought it was reciprocated...so she made plans to meet him one night--in his bed...

Men! That's all I'm going to say about Nate, even if he is gorgeous and not as bad as it sounds from Rachel's point of view...

Nate had been assigned the task of going undercover among members of a cult, which was considered dangerous. It wasn't too much different than many such groups--you know, lots of orders to be obeyed blindly and lots of sex, especially for the leader, Ethan Wycliff. Wycliff had formed the Church of the Covenant, one who taught that the world was coming to an end and if you wanted to be movin' on with the approximately 200 at the appropriate time, you had to be branded... on the forehead...

The group had been formed during college days and meant to be a joke so that all the no-nos of religion could be permitted, including drugs for instance. But then word spread, and the power that comes along for a leader was, perhaps, the most addictive for Wycliff. So after college, he set out to find a place for his group to continue and had bought an old ghost town--Paradise, Arizona.

The problem was that there was at least one of the original group dead, supposedly in an accident. And, now it had been reported that a woman was almost killed when she was stoned! Another young girl had disappeared and her parents were sure she had been involved with the cult...

Nate was ready to move in, but the group only accepted married couples, thus Rachel was assigned as Nate's partner, over both of their objections!

It was fun to watch these two as they began to "play house" as a couple. Nate found an old trailer for them to live in, along with the lack of electricity, running water, and a wonderful "outhouse." In fact, moving into Paradise would seem like a dream... Of course, Wycliff was quite taken with Rachel and interested in her more so than Nate...so, an argument was staged and Rachel went into the town on her own! Readers will enjoy how Nate reacts, even getting several people from the outside town community involved!

But no way around it...Nate was jealous of the "wife" he had to live with. OK, Rachel got a little steamed once in awhile too!

What they found there was unbelievable! And when Wycliff announced that he had found the "Vessel" for his "mating ceremony," let's just say that Wycliff's secret male lover was furious!

Action, romantic suspense at its hottest! White Heat sizzles with white heat between Nate and Rachel while the black heat in the hearts of Wycliff and his leaders will keep readers up all night if necessary to find out how the story ends! I highly recommend you get the first in this trilogy by Brenda Novak and pre-order the next two...

And, Psssst, you just may wind up with white heat on your lips as you follow my blog for August and watch for contests!

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