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Review: Fast-Paced Action & Futuristic Setting Makes For A Winner!

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Book One
Future Imperfect:
Crucifying Angel

By P.I. Barrington

On a discussion board at Facebook's Reviewers Roundup Group, the author stated: "I'm writing crime thrillers where action HAS to happen. I give my major characters HUGE interior conflicts to deal with and over or not overcome as they jump through physical hoops and various opposition."

All, I can say is--Whew, she certainly does!

Future Imperfect Book One: Crucifying AngelI just finished Book One of Future Imperfect: Crucifying Angel by P. I. Barrington this morning. As soon as I read the final words, I was ready for Book Two! Action-packed and thrills move the final climax of this explosive book on as quickly as you can scroll! (I was reading a PDF version.)

In the future, in the State of Nevada, the heat is high, the climate dry; the crime rises as the sun does, as people strive just to meet basic needs to keep living. And yet, they still flock to the Adult Disneyland where gambling and everything else goes on 24/7.

Payce Halligan is an experienced detective; however, she is just getting back into the routine. An accidental shooting had resulted in Payce killing her partner--and lover. Everybody had thought she would be too traumatized to come back at all; that she was back already was a testimony of the amazing woman she was.

But today wasn't going well; she had just been assigned a new partner, Gavin McAllister. and wasn't happy about it, assuming he was a trainee. In reality, he had been a high-placed officer before he had left his last job, his own country, his past life and arrived in Las Vegas Nevada. He, too, had faced loss--his wife and son. Immediately afterwards, he had gone a bit crazy and had developed a "ladies man" reputation which was already affecting his new location, as Payce's fellow workers were concerned that she not be hurt again.

Both might have recognized the attraction to each other, but there really wasn't time to even think about it...

They were already moving to the crime sites of women who had been murdered through reverse crucifixion. The letters C. A. were etched into their bodies. Because of the weapon that might have been used, Payce immediately thought of The Amazon, a casino where original costuming was used. By the time they made their rounds, they had found 4 bodies in 24 hours!

They lunched together at The Amazon and started discussing how to proceed, but Payce suggested that they split up, choosing what she wanted to do and giving grunt work to her new partner.

And then Payce discovered that one of the girls had been a member of a religious group in the desert, the New Creation. They learned that she had a friend, Edana. Calling Gavin to meet her there, they soon started discussion with Terrien Frye, the public representative. He was known as the Rattlesnake handler.

Two of the dwellers at the New Creation soon came, separately, to them to discuss further what was happening. Together with Edana, they returned to the Amazon; there was a security guard that might have a connection to what was happening. Leaving Edana in the car, Payce and Gavin entered The Amazon and once again Payce suggested they separate. The last time Gavin saw her was when she entered the ladies' restroom...

Gavin is given a hard time by his co-workers and he finds himself working alone to try to find his partner. Only James, a teenage dweller, comes and leads him to a very old research facility, that still functioned, but was not being used--for the original purpose that is.

There you have the basic storyline--the characters, the action, the adventures faced by Payce and Gavin, along with Edana and James, drive this book into a frenzy that is unstoppable.

Until the Crucifying Angel is stopped...

Futuristic equipment, inventions, computer control--all the things we love to read about are here for you! Just be careful--the snakes have been created with artificial jaw expansion... Enjoy!

Book Received Via
Facebook Reviewers Roundup

G. A. Bixler

Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781936000197
111 Pages

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  1. If the reader is ready for a sequel before closing up the book, the writer has done something right.

  2. You bet! I love looking toward a continuation of a good thing!