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Review: A Must-Read by Paul Nemeth

Wolf Fire
"I rubbed my eyes, wondering if what I was seeing was real...The wolf was huge, and handsome, with snowy hair. I would have been taken with his beauty, if not for the fact he didn't belong in a hospital room...he'd never been in any of the nightmares I'd had here since... The wolf, the warg, watched our...grief. He cocked his head when he heard me crying...I'd been torn up with grief, but now it was gone, replaced with anger...Fury was born September 15, 1984...
(p. 126-127)
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Cataclysm Children

By Paul Nemeth

If I were a parent, or a concerned adult, there are some books about which I would want to be told. Paul Nemeth has written such a book--Cataclysm Children. Some will call it a great action, suspense book. It is that. Some might call it a horror of some time in the past or the future. It is that too.

I call it a warning--a wake-up call! If you haven't already heard it by events such as Columbine I urge you to read this book!

Cataclysm ChildrenI am not an alarmist; I am a realist...

The book begins in 1991 when Rabbi Avram Levin has been attacked, the synagogue burned. When the police arrive, they find, not what they expected--a swastika.

Instead, they found a Pentagram and in the center was a wolf.

The Rabbi only remembered that he had seen two slithering figures, with clown-white skin and long black hair, with rune-like designs on their face. They looked like demons to him.

The Rabbi had met the Brotherhood of the Wolf...

Moving back and forth in time, readers learn that the Brotherhood had been started in the late 80s. One of the members had murdered Father Dermott Cavanaugh in Hadley, Colorado and was now in prison.

He had been turned in by one of his brothers...

In 2003 Danny Andrews was making his way to class when he was picked up and thrown against the wall by two jocks. He was being punished once again based upon stupid rules established by those who wore the blue shirts, most of those were athletes or those that associated with them. The teacher who saw the incident turned and quickly went back to class. Danny and his friends had no choice but to ignore it; the administrators would do nothing against the blue shirts--it would be Danny or his few friends who would be punished, just because they were not athletes.

Danny had once gone to church, but almost gagged when he had seen Haversmith was a member. Danny figured that anybody who was as mean spirited as Randy Haversmith was, but was involved in church, then he didn't want to participate there. Danny was a musician and had formed a band with his friends, DJ and Tim. They had discovered an old abandoned mansion and used it to practice. Actually, Charon had taken them to the place.

Charon was an older guy, but he knew what it was all about. He brought beer for the boys and supported their efforts and listened to them... Like many families, Danny's father worked all the time. He had remarried and his new wife was totally involved with their baby. Danny lived in the basement since he really had no relationship to his step-mother and his father was never at home. Most nights, he would sneak in and out through the window to be with his friends until early morning.

Charon spoke to the boys as a friend, and bad-mouthed everybody else, except one. He introduced them to Satan and explained how he spoke for them... Charon, however, was only passing on what he himself had been taught years ago, before The Brotherhood had broken up when one of the leaders went to jail...

In fact, Charon spoke to many small groups such as with Danny and he taught them much--he invited them to become a part of a brotherhood...The Brotherhood of the Wolf... None of the boys or girls in the small groups knew any of the others. But they knew that one day hundreds of teenagers would be brought together to work as a group. In the meantime, they were given tests to become members. Such as placing bombs under random cars and blowing them up. Or, burning down any church of any religious group.

Fortunately, one day when a teacher, who was also the football coach, was roughing Danny up in the hall, they were seen by a new guidance counselor. Mary Anne Allen had come to the school as a teacher, but the principal had talked her into taking the administrative job. Now, when she started questioning what was happening, he couldn't very well remove her! Also fortunately for Danny, his uncle, who he didn't even know existed, had come to visit. As Danny talked to both Mary Anne and Ian Andrews, he began to question what he had become involved in.

Especially when he learned who his uncle was...

Paul Nemeth has written an exciting book that provides a climax so amazing that you will have teenagers talking about it... Indeed we adults will love the drama as well, and hopefully will be sharing the book with our children and discussing it with them...There's nothing wrong with a fantastic book also having an underlying theme! Parents, I believe this is a must-read for you and your older teenagers; tell me I'm wrong--read Cataclysm Children by Paul Nemeth...and let's talk!

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Wolf Fire

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