Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Announcement: Sheila Lowe Chats Live Friday, 1PM EST at Reviewers Roundup!

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Live Chat With Sheila Lowe, Court-Qualified Handwriting Expert/Author

Do you think that handwriting analysis can help solve crimes, like identity theft, or help you hire the right employee? Would you hire a handwriting expert to know more about your spouse, loved one or friend?

Do you enjoy all-things forensics, including handwriting, in novels?

Last Writes: A Forensic Handwriting MysterySheila Lowe, a court-qualified handwriting expert and author of the Claudia Rose Series, will discuss her latest novel (and best one so far, in... my opinion) Last Writes, A Forensic Handwriting Mystery, at 1:00 PM EST, at the Reviewers Roundup Discussion Board! Book prizes will be awarded!

GABixler will act as moderator...!/topic.php?uid=155091741301&topic=14386

Soooo, where is this?

Well, it is being hosted by the Facebook Group Reviewers Roundup...Here's a short blurb:

Reviewers Roundup

Category: Entertainment & Arts - Books & Literature

Description: Do you like to meet people who read and write reviews? Do you like to talk books, movies? Do you want to interact with authors? Do you want to schedule "on the wall" events and invite interested people? Then let this group be your home base!

Privacy Type:Open: All content is public.

Reviewers Roundup has nearly 1300 members...authors, reviewers, readers, and other professionals in the publishing field...

The Group is very informal...Active Discussion Board, Reviews, Shared, Links, The Place to Toot Your Own Horn!

ALLLLLLL are welcome... In fact, if you are interested in Friday's Live Chat, You'll need to
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  1. Hi Sheila, Managed to see posts on Bixler's chat for a while, then suddenly it went blank. Got back on and found others had same problem. Then got dumped for good! Just want to say Hi and good luck w/ Last Writes. Diana

  2. Sorry you missed it...did have a glitch/blank but came back on immediately under a different board. I posted the change everywhere I could think of!