Friday, July 30, 2010

Poetry and Photo by Adolfo Caso; Responsive Poetry from Moi...

Goldenrod (Solidago graminifolia), Berlin, Ger...Image via Wikipedia

by Adolph Caso

An alerting evening breeze
Directs my gaze
Onto a slender solitary plant
Swinging to and fro
Next to the gigantic boulder
Fixed in place
Being reduced
By myriads frozen drops of water
That feed the variegated undergrowth
Surrounding its sturdy mass:

It is a goldenrod,
Ungainly oscillating to the breeze—
A baton pointing to the reed section
Inducing a nascent sound
Of Hayden’s Creation come alive
As though
It were
Preordained by God!

The sounds of strings
Accentuated by horns and snares
Fill my gazed mind:
Fields of goldenrods
Prodded by the wind,
by the gilded light
of the setting sun,
Dancing to multi directional breezes
The sounds and colors soothe my being;
In abandonment,
I feel gentle hands
Rub over my receptive skin.

Oh, Hayden,
You’ve come alive.
My bones are creaking with joy
As I continue to gaze
On the lonely goldenrod
Dancing next to the massive boulder
Imperceptibly moving
To the beat and rhythm
Of its own
Manifest destiny
Going back
To when our earth was created.

My bones creak with joy!

Photo by Adolfo

The Rock

By G. A. Bixler

He stands erect beside me
casting a shadow
to save me from the intense heat
of the afternoon
from the strong winds
that blow so mightily
that I am cast close, shielded
my only protection
from being pulled from this earth...

Silently he watches
while I survey his ridges
the beautiful marbling throughout
that makes him wonderfully unique
majestic in his splendor

He allows my roots to expand
underneath his hugeness
though I'm never afraid
the weight never keeps me
from feeling so free, freely
To dance as the wind
touches me here, there
The rhythms of nature stir
music almost forgotten

Yet, It springs
alive, almost like Spring
begins each new day
I am sheltered by his strength
I can grow toward the sun
knowing my rock's protection...

Shall I live as long as the Rock?

Only as long...

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