Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thankfully...The New Illuminati...is Here! David-Michael Harding Writes on Today's News


"The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

...A gratefully quiet evening in a busy life had been in pleasant predictable bloom. But it was shaken by twenty-three seconds of airtime, inadvertently captured from a local channel, as Clayton surfed while he waited on the soft white foam of his beer to fizzle itself into oblivion. Sealed indictments had been opened and implicated a local commissioner in a bribery scandal. A land developer had donated forty-five thousand dollars to the commissioner's election campaign following his own failed attempt at pushing a housing development plan past the Regional Resource Impact Committee. Weeks later, with the freshly minted commissioner at the helm of the impact study appeal, the decision was reversed and chainsaws began immediately biting into cypress trees that had provided shade and relief for peoples as widespread as the Seminole Indians, Spanish conquistadors marching inland from sandy beaches, migrant workers, citrus growers, and tourists of six decades. Seven seconds of video showed the site with a voiceover describing the incalculable damage...In the background, a mountain of two hundred year old cypress scrub pine, and oak, choked with brush, burned violently as it raced to consume the evidence. The fire triggered a reminder in Clayton of the flame of Wyatt's Torch and he knew--as an epiphany--that it was time for Atlas to shrug again...

...By the time the news loop broke into its new cycle with a new painted face, a straightforward plan had emerged from the yellow pad. Clayton re-read his work, made the last of his simple choices for the night, and put the pad aside.
"To those whom much is given, much is expected. Something like that," Clayton said stiffly as he stood and stretched an ache which had settled into his back compliments of the awkward dangling leg. "Yes, much is expected, you sonofabitch," he poignantly directed while the mumbling television went quiet as though it had committed the crime and had not simply been the messenger. "And tomorrow comes the accounting..."

"Time for payback," he said to both the note pad and his keyboard. He adjusted his monitor slightly, though he was alone in his home, and absently and foolishly leaned to the side to see for certain if the monitor filter was in place. At the extent of his lean the screen went to black then he turned his fingers loose...

The New Illuminati
Part 1

By David-Michael Harding

I have enjoyed reading this author since his novel, Cherokee Talisman was published. then enjoyed an anthology The Cats of Savone:  8 Short Novels for Busy People. But nothing could have prepared me for his two-book novel The New Illuminati. I have a great respect for this author's work. It challenges, excites but presents such a wonderful literary tale that you can't help but become completely involved with his story. The first book, which is covered today, is devastatingly awesome! I mean--as I place it on my personal favorite list for 2016, I must declare it the top of that list!

Many of you will have "suffered" through the politics for this election year... Hopefully, you may have seen the segment on Sixty Minutes this week where a group of "average voters" were polled. If you didn't, click on the top link if you want to grasp the tone of this new book...

And the tone of the feelings for many of us, including myself... Got to admit right up front...Loved this book! It feels like it was written for me...for many of us who are tired of the corruption, the loss of a reliable justice system, as well as the pure bureaucratic nonsense we routinely see, without being able to do anything. One politician follows another term after term, without change to the underlying problems... it has reached a crisis stage...

That's when and how the New Illuminati arose... There have been other historical groups with the name Illuminati, but I found the inclusion of the Boston Tea party in the book to be a better reference for most of us to remember and understand from American history... Have we reached the point for another tea party? Read this book...

Before very long, all who had been involved with a recent decision to destroy decades old cypress to clear a space for development, which had been approved through financial bribes, were not only indicted, but all of the money involved and more, was gone. 

Luke 12:48
"I know. I know. But not here. Not now. This is the time. Today, I am the one. Tomorrow someone may come along who knows it better or more or differently, but not today. Not today. Today I write the programs that protect nearly ever one of the Fortune 500 and the feds. They come to me. My company is creating this stuff--recreating, updating--every day. Even the military comes to us. Hell, they're the ones who put the bank vault door on my house." It was Clayton's turn to breathe. "Now's the time, Ralph. We hold all the cards. And that DA friend of yours is just another asset."

A top computer genius, who created software for the government as well as private corporations, along with three child-hood friends, had learned a shortened version of a scripture from a local newspaper salesman (and numbers bookie, which is now run as the lottery) and had taught it to his son and friends when they were young. They all had accepted those words as a slogan for their lives. Now, each of them, in their own lives were looking around and seeing what was happening with government corruption, bribes of political officials, and so much more. It was the genius who first decided to act... and we see how he uses his computer expertise to bring a certain commissioner and those who worked with him to justice...

The New Illuminati had been born... He started with the eye on our dollar bill and soon developed the symbol that he would use to let people know... We are watching and your actions have been discovered...

The second member of The New Illuminati became my favorite character. He had been taught by the Army to maim and kill and had served in Special Forces without any type of identity or recognition. Then when his automatic reflexes through training resulted in him roughing up a guy at a local bar, he was promptly kicked out and ignored...hidden as a soldier who, on paper, had had just a regular time in service, with no special contributions... How cruel the armed services can be after soldiers can no longer efficiently comply with directives...

Sam had seen what had happened to the commission, et.al., and recognized the symbol and words that had been left... Without any words necessary, he talked to Clay and they both knew he would become the muscle behind what would happen next...

A mayor and a senator were the next to be targeted by the watching eye...

Let's face it. We want to read a book that gives us the justice, the vigilantis we believe are needed...since nothing else seems to be working...

David-Michael Harding gives us just that in Book 1! By the time the book is moving toward the end, people all over the country are taking action. I had to broadly smile when a citizen kicked a certain politician in a place he loves to display...

"Have you read the Constitution lately?" Clayton asked.
"Not lately. Why?"
"How about the Declaration of Independence?
"You know the part, 'When in the course of human events...' and so on and so forth?"
"Sounds familiar," Raphael answered with measured hesitation as though being lured into a trap.
"A few lines below that there's a sentence that's stuck in my head. 'That when any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.' Do you know that part?"
"It doesn't mean what you're making it out to mean. It means alter--change--as in voting them out or making amendments, provisions, guarantees."
"Vote them out?"
"You're the one who's being naive. You can't get them out. It clearly says 'abolish.' Politicians are like ticks--they sink their teeth om the public tit and you can't get rid of them unless you kill them."
"So, that's how this ends, Clay? You kill everyone?"
"That's not the end. "That's the beginning..."

This is a recommended Must-Read for me. Watch for Book 2: Return to Power.



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